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Choosing the Right Pool Tile for Your Home

If you’re designing a new inground pool for your Irvine home, it can be exciting to consider all the design possibilities available to you, as there is nearly an infinite amount of combinations for pool shapes, decking, coping, tile, and water features. However, it’s essential that you choose design options that not only creates a […]

Pool Coping Design Options For Your Pool

If you’re installing or repairing a pool in your Irvine home, you’ll be expected to make numerous structure and design decisions. One of those elements is pool coping, a stone or concrete material used to cap the shell wall of your pool. Not only is coping a structural necessity, but it’s also a decorative accent […]

Pool Tile Repair

With age, swimming pool tiles can crack or come loose from the wall of your pool. While this is often something that happens naturally, it is important that all Irvine pool owners always take the proper steps to repair this issue and ensure that there are no larger problems. Swimming pool tile and coping repair […]

pH Levels and How They Affect Your Pool Plaster

When it comes to maintaining the integrity of your pool’s plaster, it’s vital to manage the pH levels properly to avoid any long-term damage. Pool owners throughout Yorba Linda should take the necessary precautions to ensure the longevity of their pool’s surface with frequent professional maintenance. Maintaining the proper pH levels in your pool water […]

How Negative pH Levels can Affect Your Pool

If you’re a homeowner with a pool, you know how vital pool maintenance can be to the safety of both your pool and your family. From chlorine levels to cleaning, you have to be vigilant in ensuring your pool is well maintained. When summer comes, you want to jump into a crystal clear, perfectly heated […]

Benefits of Pebbling for Your Pool Resurfacing

When it comes to choosing the right pool resurfacing option, a great deal of planning and material selection goes into any pool owners final decision. With so many different finishes available, it’s hard to decide which finish is the right fit for your pool. That’s why we, So Cal Pool Plaster, decided to give you […]

What is Pool Coping?

If your inground swimming pool is constructed with concrete, it is going to need pool coping. Aside from the fact that coping is a necessary addition to your pool, it also acts as a decorative accent to your pool’s design. Whether you’re starting a brand new pool project or just looking to replace some worn […]

Pool Resurfacing vs. Repainting

When it comes to pool renovations, homeowner’s need to be educated in the services available to maintain the longevity of their pools. A frequent question that pool owners ask is, what are the differences between repainting vs. pool resurfacing, and which service should they choose. Luckily, we have the answer to that here at So […]

How Much Does it Cost to Replaster Your Pool?

Through continuous use, your pool will start to show the wear and tear that it has endured throughout the summer months. Pools are meant to be enjoyed and taken advantage of, but when signs of discoloration, cracks, stains or jagged areas start to present themselves, it’s time to start thinking about pool replastering. Cracked surfaces […]