3 Things to Know About Adding a Waterfall to Your Pool Remodeling

Waterfalls are undoubtedly a majestic sight, which is why so many swimming pool owners are eager to add them to their pools. Their stunning aesthetic serves to enhance a backyard inground pool and make it a truly special place to be. However, before you decide on installing a waterfall, you’ll need to learn about its functions and what it will bring to your pool. If you are a pool owner thinking of adding a waterfall to your pool remodeling, here are three things to consider.

Details of a Pool Waterfall

A pool waterfall can be designed and constructed in many different ways. From various sizes to different building materials, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to waterfalls. However, no matter how you choose to implement a pool waterfall, it is important to understand how a pool waterfall operates and the necessary tools to keep it running. Waterfall designs require powered pumps to pull water up to the top level of the waterfall structure, ensuring an even circulation of water flowing from the waterfall to the pool; not having the right pumps, or not having any at all, means that you won’t have a functioning waterfall. Those looking to add a pool waterfall should also be knowledgeable of their waterfall’s specific maintenance requirements, as it will need to be taken care of just as frequently as the rest of the pool.

What Are the Benefits of a Pool Waterfall?

A waterfall can enhance your swimming experience by blocking out background noises and adding the sound of smooth, slow rushing water. This experience will allow you to sit back and unwind in your pool area or relax as you’re swimming inside your pool. Aside from its visual and sensory benefits, a waterfall is also great for your pool’s water circulation. By increasing circulation, your pool will quickly rid itself of messy gunk and prevent algae build-up. 

The Cost of a Pool Waterfall

Whether it’s installed into the side of a pool or made as a raised wall, a simple and traditional cascade waterfall will typically cost around $1,000 to $4,000, depending on the design. This type of waterfall doesn’t include any accompanying structures around it that could be used for decorative purposes, making it the most economic option for pool owners. Meanwhile, grotto-style or elevated waterfalls are more costly because of the construction and installation costs. Whatever your budget is, there are pool waterfall options out there that will fulfill your needs.

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