3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Pool’s Need for Re-Plastering

Age as well as wear and tear affect even the highest-quality swimming pools out there. At some point in time, all swimming pools will need to have work done on them to maintain their appearance and functionality. One specific area that needs attention is your pool’s plaster. Although pool plaster tends to last for many years, they still need to be replaced when the time comes. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t ignore your pool’s need for replastering.

The Look of Your Pool Will Worsen

Over time, your pool plaster will accrue stains because of minerals found in your pool’s water such as iron and copper. This will make your pool and its water have an undesirable appearance. The last thing that pool owners want is a stained swimming pool with a brown or green color to it. This will give a bad impression and turn people away from your pool area. 

Your Surface Becomes Rougher

The quality of your swimming experience will decrease with aging pool plaster. This is because you will see rougher and bumpier surfaces with plaster that has been worn down. These uneven surfaces will cause scratches and bumps to those who swim in the pool, making it an undesirable place for swimmers. Nobody wants to be around an uncomfortable — and potentially dangerous — pool area. 

The Structural Integrity of Your Pool Deteriorates

Possibly the most significant consequence of aging plaster is the deterioration of your pool’s structural integrity. When functioning properly, pool plaster will prevent your pool’s water from leaking out into unwanted areas. Plaster that has experienced heavy wear and tear won’t be able to do its job, which means that water will seep into these areas and cause damage to the overall structure of your pool. You’ll end up having to pay for potentially costly pool remodeling to address the issues that arise. 

Replaster your pool before any significant problems occur. Reach out to the experienced team of pool contractors at So Cal Pool Plaster who provides world-class pool replastering and restoration services. Our team cares deeply about our Southern California customers and will make every decision with our customers’ best interests in mind. To find out more about our pool replastering options, call us today at (714) 617-8182 or fill out our online form. One of our friendly team members will get back to you and provide you with a free estimate for your next project.