A Guide to Eco-Friendly Pool Construction

We all want to do our part in reducing our impact on the environment. For many current and prospective swimming pool owners, minimizing their carbon footprint starts with eco-friendly and energy-efficient options at the time of their pool construction. By following these simple steps during the pool construction process, you will make your swimming pool more environmentally friendly and help you save costs. 

Follow Your Pool Contractor’s Maintenance Instructions 

Like many things around your house, your pool will need regular maintenance and repairs to continue operating optimally. Anytime your pool requires repairs, you’ll have to address it quickly to avoid turning into something more serious. During your pool construction, ask your swimming pool contractor for advice on keeping your pool running smoothly. By listening to your pool contractor’s instructions on proper maintenance and repairs, you will use fewer harmful resources typically needed to address pool issues. 

Choose an Energy-Efficient Water Pump

The water pump is often the piece of equipment that expends the most amount of energy in a home, along with an HVAC system. You can ensure that your pool is much more eco-friendly by choosing an energy-efficient water pump with your pool contractor. While it may initially cost more than a traditional pool pump, a variable-speed water pump uses less energy and is much more durable. 

Implement a Solar Pool Heater

Instead of opting for a traditional pool heater, why not settle for a more eco-friendly solution with a solar pool heater? A solar pool heater benefits both pool owners and the environment. As they harness their energy from the sun, they reduce your impact on the environment and help save costs on monthly utility bills. If you don’t plan on having a heater of any kind, you can instead choose to use a solar blanket. It offers some of the benefits of a solar pool heater and is less costly. 

Opt For Eco-Friendly Landscaping

Those who like the aesthetic of landscaping around their pool area will want to ensure that it is eco-friendly. Landscaping options like artificial turf are much more environmentally friendly than other choices. Turf doesn’t require regular watering or maintenance, which means that your water usage and impact on the environment will decrease drastically. When implementing landscaping around your pool, go for a low-maintenance choice that won’t force you to use too many resources. 

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