Determining the Ideal Depth for Your Pool

There’s a lot that goes into designing and constructing a swimming pool. Many decisions need to be made that will determine the look and ambiance of your pool area. One such decision is the amount of water that your pool will use. Pool depth is determined by your circumstances and the purpose you have in mind for your swimming pool. For those still in the planning stage, here’s how to determine the ideal depth for your pool.

A Pool for Kids

Those constructing a pool for their kids will want to make it shallow in depth. Most children are inexperienced swimmers, which is why you should ensure that the water level isn’t too high. A pool depth of around three feet or less is ideal for a swimming pool intended for children. A pool with shallow depth is a nice way to introduce swimming to those just starting out because it will allow for a person to keep their head above water without much effort and stand by planting their feet on the bottom. 

A Pool for Exercise and Swimming Laps

Swimming is a fun form of exercise that will require a longer and deeper pool to ensure a fulfilling experience. The ideal depth for those using their swimming pool for aerobic exercise is 3.5 feet or more. This kind of depth will allow swimmers to get in their exercise for the day without fear of getting hurt. A deeper pool will help those swimming laps avoid injuries like scrapes to their toes and hands. 

A Pool for Hanging Out and Sports

Pool areas serve as the perfect entertainment space that can be enjoyed by everybody. Whether you just want to use your pool as a place to casually hang out with friends and family or are interested in playing water-based sports in it, a swimming pool that allows for a wide range of motion works best for either purpose. A uniform pool depth of around 3.5 to 4 feet will provide an environment that is ideal for both of these goals.

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