Three Steps to Fix Pool Cracks on Your Own

Swimming pools serve as a space for relaxation, fun, and entertainment. However, enjoyment in a pool can be severely impacted when there are cracks spread throughout its structure. Not only will this threaten the integrity of the pool, but it will also raise the risk of injury for those who use the pool. When you notice cracks in your swimming pool, immediately contact a pool restoration company like So Cal Pool Plaster who can safely provide a solution for you. For those determined to tackle the issue early on, here are three steps to fixing pool cracks on your own.

Remove the Water

To perform any type of repairs or maintenance work on your pool, you’ll need to ensure that there is no water in the area that you’re targeting. Drain the water to the appropriate level so that the area you’re looking to repair is dry. We recommend not fully draining all of the water from your pool during this step unless you are also planning to replace the pool liner as well. If this is the case, then removing all of the water is the preferred option.

Confirm Where the Crack is Located

After you have removed the appropriate amount of water from your pool, confirm the exact location of the crack that you are planning to fix. Give a thorough examination of your pool because you may spot other cracks that you previously hadn’t seen. You have to be extremely diligent during this important step because of the risk that cracks and fractures pose to the safety of those who use the pool. 

Clean and Sand 

The final step involves cleaning and drying the general area of the crack using either a hair dryer or a towel. If there’s still debris remaining after you’ve done this, you can use a putty knife or scraper to remove the leftover debris. Afterward, grind out the cracked area using a rotary stone bit. Next, take some sandpaper and sand where the crack is located. Keep sanding until the cracked area is smooth and looks right. After you have done all of these steps, clean the cracked area one last time to rid it of any debris that has accumulated during this process.  

We recommend getting in touch with pool experts like So Cal Pool Plaster when you have issues like cracks in your pool. So Cal Pool Plaster specializes in pool remodeling and restoration services that will make your swimming pool look and feel brand new. Southern California pool owners have placed their trust in us because each one of our impeccable services is reliable and affordable. To learn more about our pool restoration and remodeling options, call us today at (714) 617-8182 or fill out our online form. One of our friendly and professional pool contractors will reach out to you and provide you with a free estimate for your next pool project.