Five Areas Where Pool Tile Can Enhance Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pool owners looking to give their pool a new look can do so with pool tile. Pool tiles are incredibly versatile because they come in many different options, each with its own benefits and aesthetic. Whether you’re looking to give your pool a more modern appearance or prefer a natural, earthy look, pool tile can help you achieve your desired aesthetic, no matter where you choose to place them.

Waterline Pool Tiles

Waterline tiles help you in measuring the amount of water in your pool. Depending on your pool’s water and stone design, waterline pool tiles can be purchased in many different colors and textures to complement your pool.  

Glass waterline tiles reflect sunlight, keeping your pool at a cool temperature throughout the summer. Stone pool tile at the waterline can give your pool a natural look and feel!

Pool Tiles on Coping

Coping tiles, which are situated above your pool’s waterline, can be used to accomplish many different looks. The aesthetic that you’ll achieve will depend on the type of material you use. 

Those who aim to make their pool coping appearance appear more elegant should consider mosaic glass pool tiles. Mosaic glass tiles give off themes of elegance and luxury to friends and family using your pool. Meanwhile, cantilevered pool coping tiles will be preferred by those seeking a modern look as they add a concrete edge to your pool’s perimeter.

Non-slip Pool Tile on Steps

Those who have steps to their swimming pool will want to ensure that they are safe to use and won’t cause any injury. Non-slip pool tile can be placed on swimming pool steps to decrease the chances of swimmers losing their footing while using them. Pool tiles on your steps will make getting in and out of your pool a safer and easier process.

Pool Floor Tile

Another area that you should consider adding non-slip pool tile to is your pool floor. This will make swimming safer, especially for those younger and less experienced. 

Non-slip pool tile is available in several different materials like porcelain, glass, and ceramic. Each pool tile material provides a unique aesthetic and will enhance your pool’s appearance. 

Swimming Pool Walls

There isn’t a limit to what you can put on your swimming pool walls. Here, pool owners can express their creativity with the type of pool tile they select for their walls. 

Many like to use their walls to add color to their pool. There are plenty of colorful and eye-catching pool tile options available to allow pool owners to create something visually interesting.

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