A Guide to Your Pool Remodeling Timeline

Swimming pool owners are always looking for ways to improve the look and feel of their pool; one popular way to do so is through pool remodeling. Whether it’s resurfacing a pool’s finish or making stylistic changes to its design, remodeling allows homeowners the freedom to do as they please. When it comes to a timeline, pool remodeling projects can vary in how long they take, depending on several different factors. 

Designing Your Ideal Pool

Before implementing any changes to your pool, take some time to think about what your ideal pool area looks like. Having a design in mind will help a remodeling project go smoother and run without a hitch. 

To help formulate a design that works for your backyard, get in touch with a professional pool contractor who can give you expert advice for your project. Work with the pool contractor and finalize a design you feel comfortable with. This process should take around a week or two. 

The Removal Stage

Any pool remodeling project starts with removing the things that are being replaced. This can be old pool tiles that require chipping or parts of a pool deck that must be destroyed. 

Whoever is handling this task of removing your older pool area parts will need time. Although it depends on your pool size and the scope of your remodeling, this process usually takes one to two weeks to complete. 

Executing Your Design

Once your pool contractor has removed the parts that you plan to remodel, it’s time for your design to be implemented. The amount of time that this step requires varies with each pool owner.

The type of pool remodeling project you have planned is ultimately the most significant factor in determining your timeline. Simple resurfacing can be done by a professional pool restoration service in about one to two weeks. Projects that involve more extensive and complex work like pool reshaping will take longer and extend your timeline by around two to three weeks.

Total Pool Remodeling Time

Pool renovation projects will typically take around four to eight weeks to be completed. Where your project falls on this timeline will depend on the ambition of your design, your current pool layout and the pool remodeling service you have hired. 

Those with a more complex design and tricky backyard layout will want help from an expert pool restoration company like So Cal Pool Plaster, who can ensure that your renovations are done most quickly and efficiently. 

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