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Top 3 Pool Construction Trends to Look Out for in 2022

Like every other industry, pool construction has seen its share of trends in the past. This has led to various pool finishes and techniques rise in popularity and eventually fall into obscurity. Based on industry trends, here are some trends in pool construction that you’ll likely to see in 2022 and beyond. 1. Pools Constructed […]

3 Important Things to Know Before Your Pool Restoration

Pool restoration is challenging and can be quite daunting. With many variables that need to be accounted for, such as water level, temperature, and much more, the pool restoration process will be very strenuous. Before you take the plunge, there are a few things you need to consider first to determine if pool restoration is […]

Five Areas Where Pool Tile Can Enhance Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pool owners looking to give their pool a new look can do so with pool tile. Pool tiles are incredibly versatile because they come in many different options, each with its own benefits and aesthetic. Whether you’re looking to give your pool a more modern appearance or prefer a natural, earthy look, pool tile […]

A Guide to Your Pool Remodeling Timeline

Swimming pool owners are always looking for ways to improve the look and feel of their pool; one popular way to do so is through pool remodeling. Whether it’s resurfacing a pool’s finish or making stylistic changes to its design, remodeling allows homeowners the freedom to do as they please. When it comes to a […]

A Guide to Eco-Friendly Pool Construction

We all want to do our part in reducing our impact on the environment. For many current and prospective swimming pool owners, minimizing their carbon footprint starts with eco-friendly and energy-efficient options at the time of their pool construction. By following these simple steps during the pool construction process, you will make your swimming pool […]

Choosing the Perfect Pool Tile for Your Pool’s Water Features

Many pool users are creating water features to accentuate light and color while adding a sense of sereneness to a pool. Although there are many different materials that you can use to construct your water feature, pool tiles are a popular choice due to their durability and variety. There are countless pool tile choices to […]

3 Things to Know About Adding a Waterfall to Your Pool Remodeling

Waterfalls are undoubtedly a majestic sight, which is why so many swimming pool owners are eager to add them to their pools. Their stunning aesthetic serves to enhance a backyard inground pool and make it a truly special place to be. However, before you decide on installing a waterfall, you’ll need to learn about its […]

Things to Know about Pool Tile Replacement

At some point, every swimming pool owner will need to replace their pool tile. Whether it’s because of gradual wear and tear or due to an emergency pool repair, it’s a practice that needs to be done to ensure the longevity of your pool. Not doing so will make your pool look worse and diminish […]

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Pool’s Need for Re-Plastering

Age as well as wear and tear affect even the highest-quality swimming pools out there. At some point in time, all swimming pools will need to have work done on them to maintain their appearance and functionality. One specific area that needs attention is your pool’s plaster. Although pool plaster tends to last for many […]

Determining the Ideal Depth for Your Pool

There’s a lot that goes into designing and constructing a swimming pool. Many decisions need to be made that will determine the look and ambiance of your pool area. One such decision is the amount of water that your pool will use. Pool depth is determined by your circumstances and the purpose you have in […]