3 Important Questions To Ask Yourself To Determine the Size of Your Pool Construction

A swimming pool can be an exciting addition to any Southern California home – new pool construction can be an escape from the summer heat and a fun space to entertain your family and friends. However, before diving into the pool construction process, it’s important to consider a few key factors to determine the size of your pool. 

Choosing the right size for your pool is crucial, as it can affect everything from the project’s cost to its overall functionality. To help you make an informed decision, So Cal Pool Plaster has three important questions to ask yourself when determining the size of your pool construction. 

What Will Surround Your Pool?

As per California pool fencing laws, all pools must be surrounded by a perimeter at least 5 feet tall, such as a fence. Other restrictions apply, such as having no more than 4 inches of space between fence slats to ensure objects don’t pass through. 

It would be best to consider what backyard features would be nearby. You wouldn’t want your pool encroaching on other areas like your lawn or patio. Your vision will be best understood by expert pool contractors like So Cal Pool Plaster, who will know how to make the small details work. They are also well versed in pool fencing laws if they think that something would be an issue. 

Who Is Your Pool Construction For?

As a pool owner, you may only want a few people at a time swimming at your pool. This is something to factor into your swimming pool construction goals as it will influence the size and layout of the pool’s design. 

If you consider yourself to have a small group of family and friends, you might not need much space to maximize your enjoyment. However, if you are a younger homeowner, and want to host parties and events, then you might want a pool that is 30 feet or longer!

What Is the Purpose of Your Pool Construction?

This may be the most important question of them all: why are you getting this pool? A pool, like any home project, is a substantial financial investment. Thinking about it rationally will help you weigh out the pros and the cons. 

Many homeowners install pools purely for recreation. These pools tend to be smaller and more intimate, perhaps with a few water features like a pool slide. For the aspiring athlete, you may need a pool that accommodates your swimming strides and exercise goals. Make sure your pool is what you want before committing to its construction. 

So Cal Pool Plaster is here to answer all your questions about pool size. As Southern California’s premier pool restoration experts, we have added hundreds of dollars in value to homes looking for a long-term investment strategy. Whether you are replacing worn-out pool tiles or adding visual flair with new pool coping, we can make your pool truly pristine. If you are interested in pool construction at your Southern California home, call us today at 714-617-8182 or fill out our contact form for a free estimate.