3 Pool Remodeling Trends Guaranteed To Bring Luxury Into Your Home

Following trends for your pool remodeling does not mean you are somehow unoriginal; it just means reevaluating your investment. Perhaps your grand vision for your pool is not living up to what it promised, and now it’s time for an upgrade. 

Since 2007, So Cal Pool Plaster has transformed defective pools into gorgeous new communal spaces that fit flawlessly into your landscape. No matter the season, there is no better time for pool restoration than now. 

Incorporate Pool Designs Inspired By Mother Nature

Nature is one of the best spots to look for inspiration in architectural design. You can ideate and develop a visually stunning environment by utilizing natural elements in your pool remodeling project.

Some ways to accomplish this is by opting for materials like stone, slate or pebble finishes that can elevate an otherwise plain-looking outdoor area. If you can, find a way to work in a water feature, like a waterfall or fountain, to create an aesthetically beautiful getaway reminiscent of your favorite beach or resort.

Be Smarter With the Space You Have in Your Backyard

Not all backyards are created equal, but with smart design strategies, you can maximize the potential of your space. First, you should find out the square footage of your yard and work with your pool contractor to see what fits the best.

There are plenty of different pool shapes to choose from. An infinity pool might be the perfect choice for someone working with a gorgeous mountain backdrop, but a lap pool might do the trick if you need something more functional.

Customizing a Pool That Is a Reflection of Your Tastes and Preferences

Harnessing the gift of personalization is truly a remarkable privilege when it works out for your budget. Embracing subtle enhancements can really make a difference in how people in your neighborhood and family perceive your pool.

Using cutting-edge LED lighting systems can create a charming atmosphere, just like out of a movie. Additionally, why not find room for a fire pit or stylish swim-up bar? These opportunities to create an immersive poolside experience can make pool remodeling less of a burden and more of an exercise of creative freedom.

So Cal Pool Plaster is different from your average pool resurfacing specialist. If your pool has seen better days and you’ve been searching for pool resurfacers that don’t nickel and dime you for everything, you’ve come to the right place. Pool remodels are something that we are passionate about. Even when we are tasked with large-scale projects, we promise to transform any pool into an absolute oasis; just check our gallery to see what we mean! Don’t wait to get necessary pool refurbishing services done on your pool; get started with our expert services by calling 714-617-8182 or filling out our contact form