How Does a Pool Contractor Ensure a Successful Pool Restoration?

As a homeowner, there’s no doubt you’ve wished that restoring your pool was as easy as snapping your fingers. In reality, the pool restoration process is a multi-step balance pertaining to multiple factors only a professional pool contractor can perform. At So Cal Pool Plaster, success is a keystone of our mission as pool remodelers; the only difference is that we make it look easy.

Draining the Pool

When our pool contractors take on a pool restoration project, they first must properly drain the pool using the correct government protocol. After ensuring all water has been drained from the pool, they will begin inspecting the pool’s walls, floors and fixtures for any possible damages that need repair. 

This is especially important if you’re thinking about getting new pool coping, as structural damage can be a cause of concern later down the road. With a thorough draining of the pool and subsequent inspection of all pool components, So Cal Pool Plaster can guarantee a successful pool restoration every time.

Preparing the Surface

Our pool contractors make sure to clean and scrape away any debris or dirt present on your pool’s walls. Pool tile, in particular, can be quite grimy, and we make sure all residue is gone before advancing. 

Additionally, our pool contractors will pressure wash the harder stains out. Your pool might benefit from chemical treatment or chemical washing, depending on the extent of the staining. We will then sandblast and/or chisel the pool one small area at a time in order to fuse the material.

Priming the Surface

When using a primer, we take all the precautions available to us that might not be immediately known if you were to attempt this by yourself. 

For example, epoxy primer requires extra knowledge and attention because incorrect application can lead to hazardous results such as increased chemical bonding. Gloves and protective gear are a must. After the epoxy is applied to your swimming pool’s surfaces, it must dry before we move on to the next step.

The Final Touches – Pool Finishes

The next step we take in the pool resurfacing process is applying the finish. A separate topcoat epoxy or resurfacing solution is used while we sand between the coats to properly bind the layers. On average, three or four coats are applied as per manufacturer instructions. 

Refilling the Pool

After proper time has been allowed, the final step in the pool restoration process is to refill the pool with water. We have standards for this, so we don’t prematurely ruin the work we just put into your project!

So Cal Pool Plaster is dedicated to restoring your pool to its former glory. Using the latest technology and standards in pool restoration, we are a step above our competitors since we always make good on our promises to match your vision. Though success looks different for everyone, we guarantee to make your pool look better than when you first had it installed. Interested in our services? Give us a call at (714) 617-8182 or by filling out our online contact form.