5 Pool Resurfacing Trends That Are Guaranteed to Make Your Pool Stand Out

Are you feeling uninspired by the current state of your pool? Is it starting to look a little lackluster after years of entertaining family and friends? If so, you may benefit from pool restoration. With help from a reputable swimming pool contractor like So Cal Pool Plaster, you can instantly boost your swimming space and return it to its former glory. To give you an idea of how to do this, here are five pool resurfacing trends that are guaranteed to make your backyard oasis stand out from the rest.

Darker Pool Surfaces

Darker pool surfaces fare better than lighter ones. The darkest colors, like black or dark blue, are great options if you’re looking for a durable, long-lasting choice. They stand up to harsh UV rays and wear and tear much better than lighter surfaces. They also mask the appearance of stains and grime so that your overall aesthetic isn’t undermined. 

Matte Finish Pool Surfaces

Do you want to spruce up the surfaces of your pool? Consider a matte finish for a truly breathtaking look. Not only does it give off an elegant and sophisticated vibe, but with its non-reflective surface, it’ll radiate an alluring atmosphere that’ll invite anyone in. Invigorate your pool with this makeover and enjoy glorious days swimming in style.

A Non-Slip Surface on a Pool Deck

If you have children, this may be a good consideration for your pool resurfacing project. The material, whether ceramic or pebble based, helps to give children (or even adults) better mobility as they walk or run in your pool. Its texture will prevent any slips or falls near the waterline. It’s an ideal preventative safety measure for families that should be considered with any pool resurfacing projects you may tackle.

Pool Surfaces That Resist Staining

Stains can mess up the surfaces of your pool. Stainless surfaces are comfortable for swimmers, incredibly durable and resistant to corrosion. Plus, its modern style enhances the overall look of your property and can increase its value significantly. 

Easy-to-Clean Pools 

Who wouldn’t want a pool that is easier to clean? You might think these surfaces would skimp out on aesthetics, but they are often similar to other pool surfaces. These low-maintenance options are perfect for those on a tight budget and schedule. 

Whether you want to create a tranquil outdoor water sanctuary or have plans for the ultimate fun-filled family space, pool resurfacing is one of the best ways to enhance and improve your pool’s appearance. So Cal Pool Plaster has many years of experience with pool coping, pool tile repair and much more. Don’t let dinginess and discoloration deter you from bringing life back into your swimming space – contact So Cal Pool Plaster today at (714) 617-8182 or by filling out our free contact form