5 Things That Can Cause Major Delays During the Pool Restoration Process

The pool restoration process can be fraught with unexpected (and even expected) delays that can make even the most closely planned project seem out of reach. If you’re reading this, chances are that you are a homeowner who has read about home renovation nightmares and is resistant to calling a professional pool contractor to get the job done. 

Simply being aware of the five things that can cause significant delays during the pool restoration process can be a reassuring subject because – let’s face it – no one is perfect.

The Weather

In sunny California, we’re lucky to have consistent weather year-round, with a few rainstorms sprinkled throughout the winter months. Even with our mild climate, it always pays to check your local weather app before planning any pool maintenance or installation work. This way, no one is taken by surprise, and the timeline can remain as is for the duration of your pool restoration project.

Not Having Permits

Permits: everyone knows the word, but not everyone knows the trouble in sometimes obtaining them. California has specific rules for residential or public pool owners to maintain health and safety codes. 

It’s not unusual for pool contractors to run into delays due to improperly obtaining permits, resulting in pool restoration taking longer than promised and costing more money. Pool owners should make sure they take all steps necessary to meet the regulations, including restoring their pools through certified pool contractors, to ensure an easy and timely process.

Last-Minute Client Changes

Last-minute client changes can be challenging to navigate for pool contractors. Such changes may cause delays as pool contractors are forced to adjust timelines, their orders for specific materials and adjust labor costs. It is important that pool contractors remain diligent so they can complete the project within set deadlines while also ensuring quality results. 

Although last-minute pool restoration changes can seem like no big deal from the client’s perspective, they should be reasonable in their requests and respect existing contracts to ensure delays are kept to a minimum.

Delays in Product

Pool restoration projects can be affected by delays in delivering necessary high-quality materials. Minor setbacks due to shipping delays can happen, but they should not stop pool contractors from offering the best service possible. Still, this should be accounted for in the timeline for your pool restoration project.

Hiring Additional Help

Sometimes, clients will take it upon themselves to hire additional help to assist in the pool renovation process. This is hardly a good idea – it will show your pool contractor that you do not trust them to get the job done correctly. Plus, mistakes are more likely to be made when these hired helpers have not been associated with the project from the beginning. 

It would be like asking a student to summarize a book by the context of only the last chapters – you’ll be missing so many key details that the result will be sloppy and disorganized. 

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