Top 3 Pool Construction Trends to Look Out for in 2022

Like every other industry, pool construction has seen its share of trends in the past. This has led to various pool finishes and techniques rise in popularity and eventually fall into obscurity. Based on industry trends, here are some trends in pool construction that you’ll likely to see in 2022 and beyond.

1. Pools Constructed for Kids

The pool construction industry is full of many different types of pools, each optimized for a particular kind of activity. One innovation that has been the subject of pool restoration is the kid’s pool. 


The popularity of these pools has been increasing every year, with several manufacturers specializing in pool construction that caters to the needs of children. Examples include steep sides, shallow depth, and more creative-looking swimming pool tiles.


This type of pool construction allows children to play safely and enjoy themselves in the water. This trend will likely continue in 2022, with many new and innovative products and pool finishes launched every year.

2. Niche Pools for VIPs

Another pool restoration trend that has managed to create a market for itself is niche pools. These pools cater to a specific set of people who are willing to pay extra for the unique features offered. 


The primary examples have been pools that have been installed in people’s backyards for use as hot tubs, infinity pools, and wine pools. Niche pools are becoming so popular that some pool contractors have created niche pools for individual breeds of dogs!


3. Eco-Friendly Pool Construction Materials

The materials used in pool construction are also undergoing some changes, with new materials becoming more popular and some old ones going out of style. Today, a lot of people are exploring “greener” pool materials.


This includes organic materials, glass fiber, and even pool copings made out of recycled materials. The main reason behind this is that these materials cause less harm to the environment than steel materials and concrete pool copings.

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