3 Important Things to Know Before Your Pool Restoration

Pool restoration is challenging and can be quite daunting. With many variables that need to be accounted for, such as water level, temperature, and much more, the pool restoration process will be very strenuous. Before you take the plunge, there are a few things you need to consider first to determine if pool restoration is suitable for you.

1. Plan Your Pool Restoration Budget

First, figure out how much your pool restoration will cost. This information will be vital in determining whether pool restoration is a cost-effective option for you. 


The costs can vary considerably depending on size, depth, and pool type. The process will be more expensive if you do not have any equipment that can be easily reused during your pool restoration.

2. Prioritize Functionality & Energy Efficiency in a Pool Restoration Project

Do you want to restore the pool to its former glory or make it more energy efficient? If your priority is functionality, you may just want to stick to a traditional pool restoration and pick out conservative pool finishes and pool copings. If you prioritize energy efficiency, you still have to look at the recommended energy-efficient pool fixtures.


3. Understand the Maintenance Of Your New Pool

Once your pool restoration is complete, you have to keep it clean and make sure it is in tip-top shape. To keep your pool functioning well, you will have to maintain the water quality regularly and keep the equipment in its best condition. 


You should also invest in a debris-cleaning device to clean the filter and remove debris from the pool surface. It is essential to be sure that you’re ready for the increased level of maintenance. Otherwise, you should put the pool restoration project on hold and revisit it when you can maintain the pool properly.

Pool restoration can be an excellent option if you feel overwhelmed with pool maintenance. It is a great way to get your pool back to its original state and make it more energy-efficient in the process. Established in 2007, So Cal Pool Plaster provides customers with quality pool restoration and pool construction services. We offer the best pool finishes, installed by skilled, experienced pool construction contractors. Get a free estimate today, call us at (714) 614-8182.