What Are Important Things to Know Before Changing Your Pool’s Shape?

If you’re a swimming pool owner currently dissatisfied with the shape of your pool, the good news is that you can change it whenever you like. There are countless pool restoration and pool remodeling services available that will allow you to implement your dream design for your swimming pool.  

However, before you start changing your pool’s shape, there are some things that you need to know that could impact your decision. Renovating your swimming pool can be complex, and you’ll need to give serious consideration as to whether such a project is worth it for your home.

Pool Shape Remodeling Can Get Pricey

Changing your swimming pool’s shape can get pricey and even equal the cost of installing a new pool. Any expansion or reduction effort involves serious work and redoing much of your current pool infrastructure, such as your pool tile, pool coping stone and pool finishes. Such a significant endeavor will take extensive resources and require homeowners to spend more than anticipated. 

To save on remodeling costs and avoid spending a fortune, homeowners should consider contacting professional swimming pool contractors like So Cal Pool Plaster, who can deliver high-quality pool remodeling services at affordable rates. We are confident that we can provide a pool precisely to your vision.

How Much Space You Have Matters

The amount of space in your yard helps determine how long your pool remodeling project will take. Smaller yards that offer less space are more difficult to work in and will extend the duration of a project. Homes with more expansive backyards will be more accessible for your pool remodeling team to navigate and will allow them to get their work done quicker.

The Removal Process Will Take Time

One of the more time-consuming aspects of any pool remodeling project is the removal process. Removing each part of your pool that you’re planning to replace will take time, especially if you have a larger pool with more ground to cover.
This step will usually take around one to two weeks to finish, depending on how large your pool is and the amount of pool remodeling work required.

Should You Do It?

Ultimately, the answer to whether you should move forward with reshaping your pool is up to you. If the current look of your pool isn’t to your liking and you’re willing to spend to remodel it, then you should pursue such a project. Having a pool shaped exactly like you want it to be will be more than worth it. 


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