How Does Delamination Affect Your Pool Plaster?

Owning a pool means consistent, year-long maintenance to keep it pristine. The luxury you enjoy is worth it, but some issues can occur even with all that upkeep. One of those is called pool plaster delamination. It’s an unsightly issue connected to pool plastering.

This issue requires more intense pool restoration. Once you know how to identify it, it’s easy to see when it’s developed. Homeowners interested in maintaining their pools should watch for warning signs.

But first, you’ll need to understand what it is and what causes it. 

What Is Pool Plaster Delamination?

You’re likely more familiar with this issue than you realize, having already seen it at least once or twice. It’s a common affliction that busy and well-loved pools face over time.

Delamination occurs in little nodules or build-ups that look somewhat like a dripping bubble or stalactite along the side of your pool. You’ll recognize them immediately as they look unpleasantly similar to bird droppings.

The size of these build-ups can range from a few inches to a few feet. They tend to appear white, although, as time passes, they take on a gray color.

Remember, the earlier you catch these signs of plaster delamination, the more straightforward your pool restoration will be. If you wait, these blisters can break off from the plaster around them, resulting in craters known as “pop-offs” that are significantly more noticeable.

How Pool Plaster Delamination Develops

The causes of this troublesome occurrence are pretty simple. It starts with a bond failure between the gunite and the plaster, resulting in air pockets. These aren’t problematic themselves unless they reach the pool surface.

Tiny fractures in the plaster lead to pool water dripping into these air pockets, dissolving calcium hydroxide, which hardens into the previously mentioned nodules.

Repeated stress from foot traffic or environmental factors like low humidity or excessive sun exposure can worsen delamination. This is why it’s essential to catch the process early. If delamination develops, it can still affect your pool regardless of the quality of your pool coping.

Repairing Pool Plaster Delamination

The root cause of delamination is not anything you do to your pool. It goes back to the plastering job. If you hire experts in pool plastering, the odds are you won’t encounter delamination or won’t for a long time.

If delamination has begun, you must hire pool repair experts to reverse the damage and prevent its return. In this case, pool replastering is the best remedy.

Delamination isn’t an isolated issue. If you notice a few nodules, more are on their way. This isn’t a problem you can easily ignore, especially when your pool finishes and tiling are affected by this development.

When delamination occurs, it’s time to revisit your pool construction with a team of replastering experts who can resurface your pool.

Pool Plaster Resurfacing

Pool plastering isn’t something you want to attempt on your own, lest you end up right back in the same dilemma of delamination. 

Several factors impact the cost of pool plaster resurfacing, such as size, materials used and the scale of the damage. So Cal Pool Plaster is happy to answer any questions and provide you with an early estimate of cost based on pool measurements.

Once your pool is resurfaced correctly, you’ll be free to enjoy it for years without fear of plaster delamination interrupting your summer fun.  

Maintaining Your Pool’s Quality 

Pool plaster delamination is a troublesome but common occurrence for pool owners. Its root cause is improper plastering during initial pool construction. This leads to bond failure, hairline cracks, water build-up, unpleasant nodules and pop-offs.

If you experience plaster delamination, the best thing to do is contact a team of experienced pool contractors. This will clean up the situation while preventing future delamination.

With So Cal Pool Plaster, you’ll have access to a team of experts in pool repair capable of making quick work of resurfacing. We provide free estimates on high-quality pool restorations that’ll do more than clean up delamination; they’ll leave your pool more luxurious than it started. Contact us at 714-617-8182 or online toda