Follow These Essential Steps To Perfect Your Custom Pool Construction

When designing your dream swimming pool, take the chance to express your individual style and aesthetics with careful pool construction choices. A few simple choices can lead to a unique pool design that’ll wow your neighbors while helping you cool off during hot summers.

Explore our guide for designing a custom swimming pool to transform your home and landscape.

Establish a Clear Vision and Purpose

Every great project begins with a vision. Establishing the purpose and overall theme for your custom swimming pool will make every other choice easier, from pool coping to tile choice. Not all options will fit your plan.

Are you going for a family-friendly design or something more sophisticated that will act as an aesthetic statement to the neighborhood? Do you prefer modern pool construction or something with a natural, asymmetrical design?

Answering the above questions will dictate your choice of pool coping, finishes, pool tile design and dynamic features like waterfalls and fountains. 

Location, Location, Location

You’ll want to be more specific than “in the backyard” when deciding where to position your pool. Various factors influence the experience of your pool depending on where it is and how it’s oriented to the rest of your home.

Consider how sun exposure, accessibility and privacy will affect your experience. Ample sunlight helps maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the day, reserving shaded spaces for breaks from the water.

Ensure you can easily access your pool by positioning it close enough to your home while allowing enough open space for tanning or adding an outdoor dining table for summer barbeques. 

The Importance of Shape and Size

The size and shape of your pool affect how it will be used. Smaller pools are cozy and ideal for small yards, while larger pools offer more space for activities like Marco Polo or water basketball.

Shape largely dictates the overall aesthetic. Traditional pool shapes include rectangular and kidney-shaped; the latter can easily incorporate a small hot tub.

Free-form pools give your home a natural aesthetic, and with rugged pool finishes and dynamic additions like artificial waterfalls, you can create a private oasis. 

Choose the Right Materials

An essential detail for custom pool construction is the material you choose. So Cal Pool Plaster offers various pool finishes, including white and light gray plaster, textured stone scapes and unique finish blends.

Pool tile options include glass tiles reflecting sunlight or matte tiles that complement a Mediterranean aesthetic. Materials affect the longevity and durability of your pool construction, which is why we use only the best.

Regardless of your needs and budget, there are ample options for pool coping, pool finishes and tile choice.

Extra-Fun Pool Features

This is where you’ll have the most fun with pool construction. Luxury features like waterfalls and fountains enhance your home pool aesthetic, whether you’re going for modern minimalism or a natural ambiance.

Add extra enjoyment to your pool with features like diving boards, swim-up bars and built-in seating, which provide new ways for you and your guests to engage with your pool.

LED lighting and underwater illumination transform night-time swimming and evening barbeques with a colorful ambiance. Use these details to create a picture-perfect pool expressing your unique style and personality.

A Custom Pool Just for You

Now that you know how to design your perfect pool, contact So Cal Pool Plaster for the professional resources and expert staff you need to realize your vision. We offer pool coping, construction, pool restoration and repair.

We’re the trusted pool contractor for Los Angeles and the greater Orange County, providing residents with fast, high-quality service. Call us today at 714-617-8182 or contact us online for a free quote on your pool restoration.