Trendy Pool Construction Ideas for Homes of All Sizes

When designing your at-home pool, factors to consider are basic pool construction, pool finishes, and pool coping. But the essential question all these factors strive to answer is, “What pool style do you want?”

While the size and shape of your yard will largely dictate what is possible, any homeowner can embrace modern designs. Modern style choices make it easy to build a brilliant pool, no matter your real estate.

From the first blueprint to the final process of pool plastering, there are exciting opportunities with modern pool designs. But what constitutes a “modern pool?” Various innovative concepts, in shape and decoration, make up this luxurious style.

Read on to learn how to give your pool a chic, updated look.

Asymmetrical Style

Creating an asymmetrical pool gives your backyard a natural feel, like a lake or pond. Installing trees or shrubbery around it, as well as a waterfall, will elevate this natural aesthetic. 

Asymmetrical pool designs can take a geometrical angle, too. These pool designs create a memorable impression on guests and are a delight to swim in. Unique geometry in pool construction infuses your space with a luxury experience. 

You can give your existing pool an asymmetrical edge with pool restoration professionals. There’s no need to start from scratch when experts can update your backyard pond with fresh pool tile and pool finishes

Infinity Edges

Infinity pools are one of the most popular luxury pool designs out there. You’ve seen them across social media against stunning views of mountain landscapes. Infinity edges take pool coping to a whole new level.

Give your backyard pool a touch of luxury with an infinity edge or two. These are compatible with more minor backyard pools and large estates with expansive views. However, they work best on hillside yards as they require at least slight elevation. 

An infinity edge is a popular pool construction choice for resorts and hotels because they feel luxurious. Add infinity edges to your home pool to enjoy the perfect staycation.

Mosaic Designs

Whether you’re installing your pool for the first time or searching for pool tile repair, take the opportunity to add artistic flair with mosaic patterns. A mosaic design is a fun way to personalize your pool restoration.

Tiled walls and pool finishes are only the beginning of your mosaic potential. Use mosaic pool tiles to brighten the bottom of your pool with jewel hues and popping primary colors. You’ll give the kids something to discover when they dive into the deep end.

Mosaic pool tiles add luxury details to your space, allowing you to craft a more personal expression of style. Floral patterns, natural landscapes and vivid abstracts transform traditional pool coping with creative luxury.

Relaxing Water Features

Water features provide entertainment and a unique elevation on the swimming experience. Bubbling waterfalls or fountains built into the pool construction create a relaxing atmosphere for paddling or floating on the surface.

Homeowners seeking hydrotherapy benefits will enjoy spa jets built into a more petite side pool. Other exciting water features include rain curtains, water bowls, cascades and artificial streams. 

An expert in pool restoration can quickly transform your everyday pool with a luxurious water feature that adds serenity and style. A quick pool replastering will have it looking good as new after construction is complete.

Elevated Pool Designs

Homeowners seeking to improve property value and satisfaction via pool repair should consider one of these modern designs. Exciting pool finishes, asymmetrical shapes, and water features boost aesthetic appeal while improving the swimming experience.

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