3 Types of Pool Finishes To Consider for Your Next Pool Restoration Project

Pool finishes are about more than aesthetics. Your choice of finish will influence the longevity of your at-home oasis and how long you have before pool restoration is needed. A range of pool finishes are available to suit every style and budget. 

We’ve compiled an overview of the best pool finishes, from the most common and affordable to the most detailed and expressive.

Plaster Finishes

Pool plastering is the most common and budget-friendly finish. It is made from a durable mixture of cement, water, silica and/or maple dust. There is a wide range of pool plaster mixtures, but most result from this basic recipe.

White plaster is the traditional pool restoration or repair choice and provides a clean, classic aesthetic. However, a light gray plaster offers a softer appearance on sunny days and makes the water lake-like via its darker color. So Cal Pool Plaster provides both options.

While plaster is the cheapest option, it lasts 5-7 years before any signs of wear and tear appear. Its porous nature does make it prone to flaws. These should be noticeable within the first 28 days after pool plastering.

Aggregate Finishes

Aggregate pool finishes are something of the new kid on the block. This finish combines traditional plaster with small river stones, granite, glass beads or quartz. It creates a dynamic and luxurious appearance for your pool.

These finishes are more resistant to stains and chemicals than plaster, resulting in greater durability. They afford exciting customization options, too, as you can design a unique mixture of various colors, textures and stones.

They come in two basic styles. Polished aggregate finishes use marble, quartz or granite stones, polished to emphasize their beauty. The result is a smooth, luxurious appearance that compliments rugged concrete pool coping.

Exposed aggregate finishes utilize glass beads and power-washed river pebbles for a textured aesthetic. The exposed stones afford improved traction and a more rustic look, perfect for natural-style pool construction. 

Tile Finishes

There are so many reasons to choose pool tile for your finish. They are durable, with vast design options to maximize your creativity in pool construction. Tile materials include porcelain, ceramic, stone and glass.

Reflective pool tiles complement that shimmer of sunlight reflected in your pool and are a more artistic choice. Create dynamic mosaics that express your unique style, such as geometric color patterns or nature scenes with fish, birds and beyond.

Choose between glazed and unglazed tiles that create very different aesthetics in pool construction. Unglazed swimming pool tile offers a natural appearance and better blend with your existing landscape. Glazed tiles create a glittering aesthetic, a bolder choice for pool restoration.

Tiles are a more expensive pool finish, but the benefits are improved quality, diverse creativity and a luxurious appearance complementing your landscape.

Quality Pool Construction

Your choice of pool finish will define the aesthetic and function of your pool. Whether you decide on pool plaster or tile, you’ll want a professional, quality pool contractor to ensure your finish installation is done right.

So Cal Pool Plaster can help you decide which finish best suits your home and ensure it’s installed with the highest quality. Pool finish installation will affect its quality and durability, so choose a trusted professional like So Cal Pool Plaster.

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