Dive Into Luxury: Exploring Pool Finishes That Will Trend in 2024

When approaching pool restoration for your home, it’s all about the details. Don’t forget to look at your pool tiles and other finishes to give your home paradise a stylish, personalized appearance. From mosaics to glimmering glass tiles, the sky’s the limit. 

Pool tile repair and pool coping do more than ensure your backyard oasis looks nice. They also prevent dirt, oils and pollen from collecting near the edges of your pool, causing premature deterioration and a less-than-appealing show. 

Before completing your pool restoration, consider these trending pool finishes to create a seamless stylistic blend between pool, home and landscape in 2024.

Small-Scale Glass Tile

While this finish is traditionally used in all-glass tile pools, it can add a luxurious complement or elegant details to alternative pool coping materials. Choosing pool tiles with varied blue tones and matte and gloss finishes creates an alluring, ocean-like display.

Smaller glass tiles are ideal for tight corners and small spaces, creating the illusion of a longer water line, as seen in more upscale pools. This pool restoration strategy is cost-effective for making the most out of minimal space.

Create a mix of colors, including deep blue and shimmering copper, to give your pool tile a striking aesthetic. The earth tones go exceptionally well with natural stone pool finishes. Small-scale glass tiles are highly effective for creating detailed mosaic patterns, too.

Mixed-Scale Mosaics

Enjoy the best of both worlds by mixing small and large-format tiles. This option expands the design complexity you can play with during your pool restoration, adding scale differentiation to mixed color combinations.

Large tiles offer a bold contrast to smaller glass tiles, allowing you to create dynamic patterns along your pool waterline. Achieve geometric patterns that uniform tile choices can’t while complementing bold waterlines made with concrete pool coping.

This growing trend is set to continue transforming the backyards and pools of many. It allows your pool landscape to be more than a recreational area; it makes a statement.

Porcelain Deco Designs

Art Deco has transformed the world since its beginnings in the early 1920s. Its legacy continues with porcelain deco tiles, offering a more traditional approach to pool tile design and pool coping while infusing your home with eclectic style.

Porcelain deco pool tiles offer a wide range of shapes to create stunning mosaics, geometric patterns and even artistic landscapes to decorate your pool waterline. Create a vivid set of rolling waves or dancing floral motifs that give your pool a pop of color.

Porcelain has the advantage of durability, as well. It is manufactured to a higher standard than ceramic to remain pristine longer and against harsher conditions. 

Patterned Porcelain Tile

An alternative to Deco pool tile that is no less extraordinary is patterned porcelain tiles that are painted, sealed and kiln-fired to create bold patterns along your pool waterline. This process ensures your tiles remain durable in outdoor conditions.

This painted approach opens up the possibilities for pattern creation. Almost anything can be painted onto your tiles, from florals to wave patterns to ocean life and beyond.

Modern pool restoration can also be achieved with this traditional approach. Create a geometric masterpiece for your pool waterline with sleek lines and minimal floral silhouettes to add understated style to your backyard paradise.

Glow-In-The-Dark Tile

This thrilling trend in pool construction creates a striking appearance day or night. Glow-in-the-dark pool tiles can be used the same as the above options, with the added benefit of providing a surprise, glowing aesthetic at night.

This pool restoration choice creates a vivid and lively aesthetic, adding enchanting elements to your home landscape. It mimics the ethereal look of the night sky, perfect for late-night gatherings with the neighbors.

There is a practical benefit to glow-in-the-dark pool tiles. They can light the way, preventing falls during late-night festivities. Non-skid options can be installed alongside traditional glass tiles to improve safety further.

Glow-in-the-dark pool tiles are the most unique option for pool restoration this coming year. While they look stunning in the sun, they’ll have the whole neighborhood talking come night.

Add luxury details to your pool waterline

Choosing the right pool tile provides longevity and a unique style to your backyard oasis. So Cal Pool Plaster has various options, from traditional small-format tiles to ornate mosaics. Infuse your backyard pool with luxury by adding styling tiles to your pool waterline.

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