3 Facts Every Pool Owner Should Know about Lap Pools

While many of us want a large, expansive swimming pool that allows us to do whatever we want, it simply isn’t possible for those with limited space. Fortunately, with countless pool designs available, there are plenty of options for homeowners looking for something smaller and simpler. One of these options is lap pools, an increasingly popular swimming pool type with similar benefits as larger pools and even more. 

Perfect For Smaller Yards

One of the most notable benefits of a lap pool is its efficient and compact design that allows it to fit in most yards, even ones that don’t offer much space. While lap pools will usually always have a long and narrow look, homeowners can adjust their pool’s measurements with their pool contractors to suit their yard perfectly.

In most cases, a lap pool’s design means that it can be built close to the property. This makes things convenient for homeowners as they can easily access their pool through a patio or deck and seamlessly incorporate their swimming pool into their current landscaping. 

Less Maintenance

For many swimming pool owners, their least favorite part about owning a pool is having to take care of it. Pool maintenance can be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor, especially for those operating a larger swimming pool. 

As lap pools are smaller, shallower and tend to have a simpler layout, they demand less maintenance than most swimming pool types. Homeowners can thoroughly clean their pool, ridding it of stains and bacteria, quickly and at little cost. Lap pools allow homeowners to save significant time and money but still enjoy the perks of owning a swimming pool. 

Unrivaled Versatility

While lap pools may not have the complexity of other swimming pool types, their versatility more than makes up for the difference. Lap pool owners can implement many of the same features possible with a standard swimming pool, such as spouts, jets and custom pool finishes. However, those who own lap pools can also make additions, like implementing a spa on one end of their swimming pool, that will further enhance their outdoor space. 

Despite their small size, laps pools offer homeowners plenty of flexibility and options to consider even beyond implementing pool features. As a lap pool doesn’t occupy much space, homeowners also have more room and freedom to adjust their landscaping to align better and complement their pool area. 

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