4 Pool Restoration Ideas That Will Breathe New Life into Your Pool

As any homeowner can attest, an aging and cracked swimming pool makes for an unpleasant sight and is not enjoyable to swim in. A lifeless, worn-down swimming pool can drain a person’s love for their pool and decrease any desire to use it, even on warm weather days. Here at So Cal Pool Plaster, we hate to see swimming pools go to waste, which is why we recommend any dissatisfied homeowners consider pool restoration services

Pool restoration will breathe new life into your swimming pool, revitalizing its appearance and performance. Any homeowner pursuing pool restoration will have plenty of options to choose from that enhance swimming pools uniquely.    

Resurfacing Your Pool

A popular method for making an older swimming pool look and feel brand new is through pool resurfacing. Replacing a deteriorating, out-of-date surface with more modern surfacing will improve a swimming pool in numerous ways beyond the clear visual benefits. A new pool surface will also make a swimming pool safer, cleaner, and more energy-efficient, making pool resurfacing a worthwhile investment for any homeowner.  

Replastering Your Pool

One aspect of a swimming pool that is heavily affected by old age and wear and tear is its plaster. Older swimming pools tend to feature crumbling plaster that is visually unappealing and can even be dangerous for swimmers because of its rough texture that can cause cuts and bruises.   

Replastering your swimming pool will restore your pool’s liveliness while also ensuring a safer environment for those swimming. A new coat of plaster provides a smoother texture to your swimming pool, reducing the likelihood of a scrape or cut. New plaster also better protects your swimming pool from leaks, strengthening its structural integrity and saving you from future expensive pool repairs.  

Replacing Your Pool Coping

Your swimming pool’s coping is the material that sits atop the pool’s shell. It helps protect your pool structure by blocking water from getting behind the pool shell, which would cause extensive damage if it were to occur. While your pool coping can faithfully fulfill this role for a lengthy period, it will eventually or may already be cracked and compromised. 

Your restoration efforts should include pool coping replacement if you notice any visible signs of damage to this part of your swimming pool. New durable pool coping will stop any water from seeping through your pool’s shell, preserving your swimming pool’s overall structure.  

Implementing New Pool Tiles

If you’re someone operating on a tight budget, a simple and affordable pool restoration option that any homeowner can pursue is adding new pool tiles. With pool tiles, you can shift your swimming pool’s aesthetic thanks to the many designs and types available to customers. 

We offer pool tiling of all sizes, styles and colors at So Cal Pool Plaster. From beautiful glass tiles to more subtle earthy tones, we guarantee that anything you choose will instantly make your swimming pool look and feel better than before.  

Ultimately, no matter what pool restoration idea you choose, your project will succeed with So Cal Pool Plaster. We’re the ideal pool contractors for your pool restoration project and will execute exactly what you’re looking for and to stunning effect, thanks partly to the industry-leading pool tile and pool coping stone materials we use for our services. Southern California homeowners can trust our pool products to deliver satisfying results, as they always come included with a limited warranty, a sign of our confidence. To learn more about our pool restoration and remodeling options, call us today at (714) 617-8182 or fill out our online form. One of our friendly and professional swimming pool contractors will reach out to you and provide you with a free estimate for your next project.