Why You Should Consider Travertine as a Top Choice for Your Pool Coping

Quality pool coping is essential to a satisfying pool experience. This subtle yet significant aspect of pool construction affects durability, aesthetic appeal, comfort, and safety. When you trust a pool restoration and repair professional, you’ll enjoy access to the highest quality materials.

One popular pool coping option is Travertine. It’s a form of limestone found near and around mineral springs. Travertine is known for its fibrous appearance and comes in multiple colors, including cream, white, tan, and rusty. Its varied hues make it a versatile design material.

So, why choose travertine over other stone finishes? Read on to learn about travertine’s many benefits to your home and poolscape.

Exceptional Non-Slip Rating

Safety is the number one concern for parents designing a backyard pool. Other pool finishes can become slippery due to splashes from cannonballs and water games. This poses a risk to enthusiastic children who may not watch where they’re stepping.

Unpolished travertine features a natural, non-slip texture, increasing traction and reducing the likelihood of dangerous falls. While it’s a popular choice for bathroom tiles, it is also spectacular for pool coping. Its porous texture absorbs water, preventing puddles and reducing slip risks.

Travertine has one of the highest non-slip ratings of all pool finishes, ensuring your family’s safety while they practice their cannonballs!

Easy to Replace

Pool repair costs are partly dictated by how challenging a material is to replace. Replacing your pool finish with fresh travertine is simple, especially if you’ve opted for a tile block pattern. Travertine allows for a straightforward pool resurfacing that saves you time and money.

Regardless of your pool coping design, all you have to do is pull up the broken travertine fragments and replace them with fresh ones. Just like that, your pool is as good as new! Guarantee a flawless pool repair by trusting expert technicians like SoCal Pool Plaster.

Quality That Lasts

When you invest in a pool, you want that investment to last for decades. Travertine has a luxurious look and feel but is durable enough to withstand daily use and weather. It is not only slip-resistant but heat-resistant, too! Sun exposure won’t cause it to fade or deteriorate.

Investing in more durable pool coping materials reduces the frequency with which you’ll have to pay for pool restoration and repair services. As much as we like your business, we care more about supporting your lasting satisfaction. Thanks to travertine pool coping, you’ll enjoy years of uninterrupted quality!

Enjoy a Cooler Surface

UV resistance has the added benefit of improved comfort. Many traditional pool finishes grow scorching hot after prolonged sun exposure, making it uncomfortable to walk across your pool. Sometimes, the pool surface can burn your feet, creating additional safety risks.

Travertine pool coping stays cooler than stone or pool tile alternatives. Even during the height of summer, you can walk freely across your pool deck without fear of burning your toes. Stay cool whether you’re in or out of the water using travertine pool coping.

Luxurious Appearance

Pools aren’t just meant to be functional. Many homeowners desire the upscale aesthetic that a pool can give to their backyard. While coping runs along the edge, it’s an essential part of your design, blending the waterline with the rest of your deck. Quality pool coping ties the whole landscape together into a seamless display!

Travertine is an excellent choice for homeowners looking to create a serene, luxurious aesthetic with their pool. It’s been a popular building material since the Romans, notable for its beautiful pale hues and irregular patterns that give your home a classical feel.

Premium Pool Restoration and Repair Services

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