Revamp Your Pool: Everything You Need to Know About Pool Resurfacing and Repair

Keeping your pool fresh and pristine sometimes requires more effort than a basic clean. To repair cracks and counteract fading, you may want a pool resurfacing. This simple service will return your pool to day-one quality!

Resurfacing is a common pool restoration practice that can repair damages or adjust your pool aesthetic to match evolving sensibilities. It can also make your pool safer by implementing slip-resistant materials. If you update your pool, you’ll want to call a professional.

SoCal Pool Plaster has the expertise and quality materials necessary to complete a premium pool resurfacing. We’ll transform your pool from outdated to outstanding in no time! Read our guide to pool resurfacing, and then contact us to revive your pool!

Consider Your Possibilities

Pool resurfacing can be costly, but the cost varies depending on the materials you choose and the scale of the job. Like most home improvement jobs, pool resurfacing will cost more in an urban area than in rural locations.

Possible pool finishes include pool plaster, a popular choice due to its affordability. Other more dynamic options include mini pebbles, Stonescape finishes, pool tile, and finish blends—the more complex the materials are, the higher the price.

While ceramic pool tiles have a higher price tag, they afford unrivaled personalization. Create a unique mosaic or pattern that will last up to 20 years. SoCal Pool Plaster offers pool tile options in various color palettes.

Prepping for a Pool Resurfacing

A proper pool resurfacing job requires extensive materials and careful installation. For this reason, DIY homeowners may find it easier and more efficient to hire a professional team. When you trust the right technicians, you’ll have a fresh pool in five to seven days!

You’ll have to prep the space before you or your hired team can begin transforming your pool. The pool must be drained and completely dried before the job starts. This promotes the health and safety of your family and the workers.

Clear dirt, rust, and debris from the pool to prevent deterioration down the road. A smooth surface allows for a more secure installation of your pool finishes. A sandblaster or power washer helps ensure the cleanest surface possible.

Maximize Safety with Pool Resurfacing

Safety is a major reason you might invest in pool resurfacing. Deterioration leads to leaks and bacteria build-up, threatening your family’s physical safety and health. Prevent these lifestyle disruptions with quality pool restoration and repair.

Resurfacing ensures that your family has the smoothest, most comfortable surface, whether practicing their dive or tanning in the sun. An even surface minimizes trip hazards and eliminates bacteria from your landscape.

Pool resurfacing offers a chance to implement special slip-resistant or heat-resistant pool coping. On hot summer days, your pool will stay cool, whether in the water or out. Slip-resistant materials are essential for families with playful children.

How to Find the Perfect Pool Contractor

It may seem simple, but if you don’t get your pool resurfacing right the first time, you’ll have to spend even more money on pool repair and restoration. It’s best to hire a professional once who’ll complete your job faster and at a higher quality.

Consider previous work and customer reviews before choosing a pool contractor. This will offer insight into their quality and boost your confidence in the decision. If you’re going to invest, invest with the best. Explore SoCal Pool Plaster’s pool project gallery!

Get an estimate so you know how much a company charges on average. If you’re confident in the price, you can discuss your pool resurfacing in detail. Call SoCal Pool Plaster at 714-617-8182 or contact us online for a free quote!