Which Pool Shape Is Perfect for Your Pool Construction?

When envisioning a personal oasis in your backyard, the pool shape you select will greatly influence the overall look and feel of the space. The shape you choose is more than just for design purposes; it sets the mood, functionality, and even dictates certain activities you can enjoy in your pool. Let’s dive into some popular choices and see which might be the best fit for your pool construction vision:

Rectangle Pools

Rectangle pools are timeless. They radiate elegance and offer clean lines that can easily complement modern or traditional home designs. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, the elongated nature of rectangular pools makes them ideal for fitness enthusiasts who enjoy swimming laps and families that want to swim with their kids in the pool. On top of that, due to their straightforward design, aspects like pool plastering and integrating concrete pool coping become more streamlined and feasible.

Circular Pools

Opting for a circular pool can instantly transform your backyard into a beautiful haven. The round shape promotes an inclusive, communal feel – making it great for family gatherings or relaxed floating sessions. Circular pools are a great way to break up large backyards and are able to blend effortlessly into natural landscapes. When complemented with the right pool finishes and tiles, they can be both inviting and appealing to the eye.

Free Form Pools

For homeowners looking for a unique touch or working with unconventional space constraints, free form pools can be an amazing solution. They are tailored to seamlessly fit into irregular landscapes, mirror natural ponds, or curve around existing structures. This customizability means every free-form pool can tell its own story and uniquely fit into your backyard.

However, these can be a bit troublesome if you are looking to purchase a cover off-the-shelf. Due to their irregular shape, you’ll need to order a customized cover made specifically for your pool’s shape.

As you consider the various pool shapes, remember that the expertise of seasoned swimming pool contractors can be invaluable. They’ll guide you through the intricacies of pool tiles, pool coping stone choices, and more. Whether you’re looking for fresh pool construction or contemplating pool restoration, your choice in pool shape will lay the foundation for countless cherished memories. Dive deeper into the world of pool designs and materials by visiting SoCal Pool Plaster. Give us a call at 714-617-8182 today and learn more about how SoCal Pool Plaster can help you create the pool of your dreams.