How Will You Know When You’ll Need Pool Restoration?

Having a swimming pool in your backyard can give you and your family endless fun and relaxation. However, like any other structure, pools also deteriorate over time. Whether it’s from the impact of chemicals, wear and tear, or just changing design tastes – there are several reasons you might consider pool restoration. Here are a few signs to help you identify when it’s time:

Constant Need for Pool Repair

If you find yourself frequently calling a pool contractor for various issues, ranging from pool plastering to pool tile repairs, it might indicate underlying issues that require comprehensive attention. Addressing the root cause through pool restoration can be more cost-effective in the long run, as it often resolves multiple problems at once and prevents recurring issues, compared to continuously patching up individual problems.

Your Pool Desperately Needs a New Look

Like everything else, design preferences for your pool evolve over the years. Maybe the pool plaster or pool finishes that were trending in your friend group a decade ago now look old and dated. Or perhaps you’ve moved into a property with a pool already installed with a design that doesn’t suit your aesthetic. Incorporating modern features, like concrete pool coping or a fresh pool coping stone, can remodel your pool’s appearance, making it more in line with styles you gravitate towards.

Too Many Safety Hazards

Safety should always be a primary concern in any setting, especially with a pool involved. If you notice that the pool tile is getting slippery, the pool plaster has rough patches causing scrapes, or the pool coping is chipped or broken, these are not just aesthetic concerns. They are safety hazards that need immediate attention. A swimming pool contractor can guide you on the best pool remodeling options to ensure a safe swimming environment for your family and friends.

Swimming pools are a great addition to any home. However, they require maintenance, and occasionally, a more significant pool restoration. If you notice any of these signs or have other concerns about your pool’s condition, it might be time for a renovation. Contact the experts at SoCal Pool Plaster at 714-617-8182 to discuss your options and ensure that your pool remains a safe and beautiful space for years to come.