Top 2020 Pool Design Trends

As we turn our calendars over to the new year, many homeowners are considering starting a new pool restoration or installation project as part of their resolutions for 2020. If putting in a new pool in your property is something you’re contemplating for this year, here are some leading design trends we think you’d be interested in.

Built-in Lounging Areas and Bars

More owners are choosing to use their pools for socializing and entertainment just as much as they do for exercise. To that end, designs integrating lounge chairs built into the pool itself, or underwater benches and stools accompanying a private minibar are becoming increasingly prevalent. Enjoying a couple of drinks in the company of responsible adults is always a nice way to pass the evening.

Fire Features

Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are seeing more and more use. Fire features are a great way to warm colder nights, serve as a natural gathering spot for an evening party, and contrast nicely with the water elements of the pool. 

Smart/LED Lighting

Lighting solutions for pools are becoming more and more advanced. Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, are a superior alternative to older filament lightbulbs. LED lights can allow for changing colors and can adjust their brightness to whatever setting you desire. They are also more energy-efficient and have longer lifespans than conventional filament lightbulbs. 

Natural and Saltwater Pools

The modern push for more natural and organic options has led to some turning away from conventional chlorination and using saltwater or natural filtering solutions to keep out bacteria and algae instead. Natural pools require a secondary pool filled with plants to filter the main pool’s water, and those plants will require gardening work to keep healthy.

Dark Interior Finishes

Dark interior finishes for the pool plastering have become more popular for several reasons. Dark finishes offer a more relaxing hue than the conventional light blue look, and it gives the pool an aesthetic similar to that of a natural lagoon. Dark color tones also attract and retain sunlight better, which keeps the pool warm for longer and means spending less to heat your pool. 

Energy, Time, and Money-Saving Features

Related to other entries on this list, many pool owners or prospective owners are looking into ways to reduce energy consumption or have fewer maintenance needs. Automatic cleaning and filtration systems that monitor a pool’s chemical composition on the owner’s behalf are seeing more use and are designed to save time, energy, and money. 

Shallow Depth and Multi-Level Pools

Rather than one continuous pool that gradually changes from shallow to deep, homeowners are embracing alternative designs. Shallow pools obviously require less water to fill them, which reduces the water bill associated with the pool and results in reduced excavation and construction costs. Meanwhile, multi-level pools offer a holiday-resort-like experience in your backyard, with multiple smaller pools connected to one another via transitions like slides and waterfalls.

Alternative Pool Shapes

Current design trends continue to take us away from the old-school kidney shape that pools once typically took. Today, many pools are being designed with straight lines, which evokes a modern, cutting-edge aesthetic. Others are going in the opposite direction with a completely circular design, which is seen as more natural and holistic.

Whether you’re planning a resurfacing or restoration project for your backyard in 2020 or want to install a brand-new pool to ring in the new year, So Cal Pool Plaster is here to make your backyard dreams a reality. We perform pool plastering, pool coping, and pool installation projects throughout Southern California, and our installation experts can help you in every step of the design process. If you’d like to learn about what features and finishes are available to your home, call us at (714) 617-8182. We can provide more information for you as well as a free estimate for your project.