The Difference Between A Pool Contractor and Pool Cleaning Service

If you’re a first-time pool owner or considering installing one for your home or business, it can be bewildering when trying to find the specific service you need. The truth is, every pool service company is unique, and each one is going to have different specialties and capabilities that they offer to their customers. That said, there are two general categories of pool-related businesses that most will fall neatly into: pool contractors and pool cleaning services. Let’s break the two down, so you know which businesses will be able to fulfill your requirements.

A pool cleaning service is as the name implies: a routine maintenance service that regularly arrives at your home or business to work on your pool. As the name implies, cleaning takes up a vast majority of their services. This typically entails picking out debris from the pool with a net; removing debris from the skimmer and filter pump baskets; and brushing the pool’s tiling, steps, and lights. A cleaning service will also test your pool’s water for its chlorine, pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and other chemical levels, and add more to keep these chemicals within their appropriate ranges. This ensures that your pool stays healthy and safe for use. 

Many cleaning services also offer minor repair and maintenance services, such as changing filters, fixing the pump and heater, performing algae treatments, acid washes, electric diagnostics and repairs, and more. However, a pool cleaning service will typically not have the resources needed to perform a dedicated renovation, replacement, or installation service such as replastering, re-tiling, installing new coping, and more. 

For services like those, you’ll need to approach a pool contractor like So Cal Pool Plaster. A contractor differs from a pool cleaning service not only in specialization but also in their business arrangement. A contractor will work on your pool only as per the limits of your contract with them, such as installing new tiling or replastering the surface. While most contractors will call you after the job is done to make sure that the installation or addition is working out fine, they will only come to service your pool again if you specifically request them to. 

Because their service is more limited in its scope, contractors perform more labor-intensive and time-consuming projects such as excavation; the installation of major components like diving boards, cleaning systems, and water features; and major remodeling projects. At So Cal Pool Plaster, we specialize in replastering as well as replacing tiling and coping to restore a pool’s appearance.

If you need a contractor who can fully renovate your commercial or residential pool, trust the professionals at So Cal Pool Plaster. We can fully replaster, resurface, and restore any pool to look like it had been installed yesterday. With a wide range of deluxe pool finishes, pool tiles, and pool coping to choose from, as well as water features like spas and fountains, we can transform a backyard into a personal paradise. Give us a call today at (714) 617-8182, and we can give you additional information about our range of pool finishes, as well as a free estimate on your pool restoration project!