Pool Tile Repair

With age, swimming pool tiles can crack or come loose from the wall of your pool. While this is often something that happens naturally, it is important that all Irvine pool owners always take the proper steps to repair this issue and ensure that there are no larger problems. Swimming pool tile and coping repair are essential parts of pool maintenance, and failing to repair or replace tiles properly can cause water damage to your pool and create safety hazards for your family. Here at So Cal Pool Plaster, we use the following process for pool remodeling and tile repair.

Step 1: Removal & Prep

We begin by removing any loose or broken tiles and old grout. We prepare the pool wall behind the tile, an area called the beam, by removing any loose material, grout, or flaking. We then assess the area to see if there is any damage to the pool coping or beam, such as cracks or an uneven surface. If this is the case, we use a plaster mix or cement to even out the surface and repair any damages.

Step 2: Mortar Mixing

The next step is to mix up a batch of swimming pool thin-set repair mortar by combining the mortar and water. The consistency must be thin enough to be spreadable, but thick enough that it won’t drip down the pool wall. We spread a thin layer of the mortar mixture over the area of the bed where the new tile will be placed.

Step 3: New Tile Placement

Immediately after spreading the new mortar, before it sets, we line up the new tile with the existing pattern and press them firmly into place. We then check on the new tile every 10-20 minutes for the first few hours to ensure that it has not slid down the wall. The mortar will take 24-48 hours to fully set.

Step 4: Grout the Tile

Waterproof tile grout fills in the spaces between the tiles. We use a spreader to push the grout in between all of the new tiles and their neighbors. After allowing to dry for 10-20 minutes, we clean excess grout off of the surface of the tiles. After 24 hours, tiles may be cleaned and polished with a stiff brush.

Step 5: Refill

Once the grout is completely dry (this may take up to several days), your pool can be refilled just in time to escape Irvine’s summer heat!

Pool tile repair is an arduous task, but one that must be done to ensure that your pool stays well maintained and safe for you and your family. So Cal Pool Plaster has been proudly serving Irvine and the Orange County area for over 10 years in a wide variety of pool repair projects, and we would love to assist you with yours. Call us today at (714) 312-3898 for a free estimate!