pH Levels and How They Affect Your Pool Plaster

When it comes to maintaining the integrity of your pool’s plaster, it’s vital to manage the pH levels properly to avoid any long-term damage. Pool owners throughout Yorba Linda should take the necessary precautions to ensure the longevity of their pool’s surface with frequent professional maintenance. Maintaining the proper pH levels in your pool water will leave your pool looking beautiful for years to come. At SoCal Pool Plaster, we provide our Orange County pool owners with state-of-the-art pool plaster and finishes that will keep your pool looking brand new all year round.

What do pH Levels Mean For Your Pool

Pool water pH levels are measured on a scale of 0 to 14 – a pH level measuring below 7.0 indicates that your pool water is acidic. A properly balanced pH level for any pool will fit between 7.4 to 7.6. If your pool’s pH levels are off balance, it can result in damages in your pool and force you to spend more money on repairs, when the problem could have been avoided.

Low pH levels in your pool will cause your pool water to start eating away at your pool’s plaster. The low levels will begin to etch your pool plaster, as well as corrode everything from liners, ladders, handrails, and pool pumps. A marbling effect will then occur in your pool’s plaster which will age your pool and make it seem like you need new pool replastering after only a couple of years. Pool plasters are meant to last around ten years, but if your pH levels are consistently low and your pool water is marbling your plaster, it will last only half the time.

High pH levels, on the other hand, will cause undesirable chemical reactions that will eventually lead to murky water, scale formation, and corrosion in your pool water, equipment, and surface. You also won’t be able to swim in your pool, as the chlorine will not be as effective in killing off harmful bacteria in your pool because of the high pH water level.

What is The Right Plaster And Surfacing Option

Choosing the right base for your pool’s foundation is crucial and is something that most pool owners often overlook. Darker colored plasters will show the withering effects of unbalanced pH levels more than lighter colored plasters. With the marbling effect occurring because of the off-balance pH levels, your pool’s plaster will not look the age it’s supposed to, and appear worn out. Choosing lighter plaster colors like white or gray will typically hide any blemishes and marbling that would be more prominent on a dark gray or black plastered pool surface.

If you did want to go with a more colorful scheme for your pool surface, StoneScape finishes are a great pool surfacing alternative due to their strong composition and structure. Pool pebbles have one of the highest durability levels of any pool resurfacing option as they tend to react less to pool chemicals and unbalanced pH levels. In comparison to plaster alone, our StoneScapes are more resilient to staining, etching, fading, and can last up to 25 years when properly maintained.  

Professional Pool Maintenance

We understand at So Cal Pool Plaster that maintaining your pool’s pH water levels are challenging and tedious. That’s why we recommend having a professional come and help you with your maintenance. Anyone can attempt to balance their pool‘s pH levels, but doing it correctly is a whole different matter. Make sure to go with a professional that is certified, knowledgeable, and confident in their work. We have two professional and accredited pool and spa specialists that will be able to maintain your pool’s pH levels and keep them where they’re supposed to be, so you never have to worry about your pool’s plaster being prematurely damaged ever again.

At So Cal Pool Plaster, we provide our Yorba Linda customers with the highest quality StoneScapes and plaster options to use for their interior pool surface, as well as a 10-year manufacturer warranty. Our certified team members are here to provide you with top-notch customer service and maintenance services to ensure that your pool water chemistry is balanced and in optimum shape! Give us a call today at (714) 617-8182 if you need your pool remodeled or serviced.