How to Get Your Pool Ready for Summer

When Southern California starts to heat up, one of the first things you want to do is relax in your backyard pool. Escaping the heat and enjoying some family fun from the comfort of your own backyard is an unparalleled luxury that never gets old. However, before you can start your summer sunbathing, you’ll need to make sure that your pool is as ready for summer as you are. From surface cleaning and water balancing to pool tile repair, here are a few ways you can get your pool ready for summer.

Clean the Pool Surface

Whether you use a pool cover during the off-season or leave it open year-round, you’ll need to begin the summer prep process by cleaning out your pool. While the filter will clean out a lot of the contaminants in the water, you’ll still need to use a skimmer to get rid of any larger debris that has fallen in the water over time. You should also vacuum the walls and bottom of your pool to clear it of any debris, dirt, algae, or other substances that may have settled there since last use. Any noticeable patches of algae should be cleaned by hand using a nylon brush before vacuuming. Being thorough in your pool cleaning will help you maintain like-new pool finishes for as long as possible, minimizing your risk of needing pool tile repair too soon. If you do notice any cracked tile, rough plaster, or other damaged finishes, call a pool repair expert like So Cal Pool Plaster for quick and high-quality pool tile repair services that you can trust.

Test Equipment & Pool Chemistry

Once the pool’s surface has been cleaned, you’ll want to test your pool equipment to make sure that everything has remained in working order during the cooler season. Turn on and inspect equipment such as your pump, filter, and heater. If you don’t notice any issues, allow your filter to run for a few days before swimming. This will give it time to adequately filter through all of the water in your pool and ensure that it is safe for swimming. This would also be a good time to shock your pool and test the water’s chemical balance. You can do this yourself or take a sample of pool water to a nearby pool supply store, as they can run a comprehensive chemical balance test as well. Make sure that your pH levels, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and chlorine levels are all within the desired ranges. Once your filter has run for about a week, your chemical levels are all within range, and your pool water is completely clear, you and your family can enjoy that relaxing first swim of the summer.

If you’re in need of pool tile repair or any other new pool finishes before the swimming season, call the experts at So Cal Pool Plaster. We offer 5-star service alongside some of the best pool finishes in the industry. Whether you want a traditional family pool or a contemporary masterpiece, we can install and repair pool finishes and accessories of all kinds. From extravagant water features to chipped coping, no project is too big or too small for So Cal Pool Plaster. Give us a call today at (714) 312-3898 to find out more or receive a free estimate.