The Best Finishes for a Contemporary Pool Design

If you’re a Southern California homeowner looking to undergo a pool restoration before summer kicks in, you may have begun browsing inspiration photos for your remodel. Many homeowners come to us wanting ultra-modern pool designs like those found in LA mansions, but they’re not sure how possible it is within their budget. Luckily, a contemporary pool design is achievable for anyone, as long as you pick the right finishes. 

Sharp Angles

The first step to a contemporary pool restoration is deciding the shape of the pool. You may want to stick with your pool’s original shape, but one major thing that all modern pools tend to have in common is that they’re perfectly rectangular. You’d be hard-pressed to find a modern pool design that utilizes the traditional kidney shape. Instead, whether you’re installing a new in-ground pool or renovating your existing one, choose a regular pool with sharp angles for the most modern appearance.

Minimalist Pool Coping

Another aspect of pool restoration that many people don’t think much about is pool coping. While ample thought goes into the choice for pool decking, having to choose pool coping can catch people off guard. When perfecting the contemporary pool design, it’s best to choose a minimalist pool coping that will blend in with your pool deck material. This will make your deck space and your pool look bigger than they are. Modernism is all about minimalism, so keeping the flow from pool deck to pool uninterrupted by a contrasting coping will help you achieve this look. Look for something like poured concrete or light-colored porcelain tile when deciding on your deck. Poured concrete is a very contemporary choice for interior and exterior finishes, so concrete pool coping will help you enhance your urban style. Bright white or light, cool-toned porcelain pool coping and deck tiles will also help you achieve a modern pool, since all-neutral tones are popular in modern design.

Glass Tile

When it comes to the finish inside the pool itself, glass tile will give you the best look. Dark blue tiles will give you the traditional appearance that your childhood pool likely had, but choosing white, gray, or light blue tiles will make everything look brighter and more modern. Glass tile also adds a sparkling finish that will enhance your pool’s natural blue color and make it shimmer in the sunlight unlike any other pool tile finish.

Fire Features

One popular trend in modern design is incorporating all four elements into a space: earth, air, fire, and water. While you likely have plant life outdoors to check off the earth box, incorporating a fire feature into your pool will help complete your modern design. Incorporate a fire pit, outdoor fireplace, or other fire features to contrast with the water of the pool. Not only will it create stunning visual interest, but it will also serve as a functional gathering place for socializing with friends and family.

If you want to keep up with the latest home design trends and turn your bland backyard pool into a contemporary design piece, trust the experts at So Cal Pool Plaster. We’ve offered Southern California residents the best in pool restoration services since 2007, and we can turn your swimming pool into your perfect paradise. From concrete pool coping to fire features, we do it all. Give us a call at (714) 312-3898 to find out more about our services or to receive a free estimate for your next pool restoration project.