How Can Cocktail Pool Construction Maximize Your Summer Fun?

If you’re looking to add a luxurious oasis to your home, consider a cocktail pool as your latest outdoor addition. A cocktail pool is a sleek and sophisticated swimming pool that is bigger than a hot tub but smaller than a traditional pool. These aquatic havens are an elegant and streamlined way to transform your backyard into a paradise for relaxing and entertaining. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, here are some things you should know about cocktail pools and how cocktail pool construction can elevate your outdoor space this summer and for many years to come. 

What Exactly Is a Cocktail Pool?

A proper cocktail pool combines elegance and minimalism. Like the cocktail parties after which they got their namesake, cocktail pools are intended to be welcoming and polished at the same time. Crafted with an emphasis on relaxation, cocktail pools serve as an inviting place for adults to gather and socialize. These pools typically cover about 400 square feet and are only three to four feet deep; their design does not accommodate jumping and diving. Instead, these sleek retreats provide a space for you to relax and let your cares wash away. 

Cocktail Pools Can Fit Anywhere

Nowadays, many people are downsizing to more compact, minimal homes. However, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the comfort and style of your swimming pool. A cocktail pool is an ideal solution that allows you to incorporate a piece of paradise into a smaller outdoor space. 

In addition to looking elegant while taking up minimal space, incorporating a cocktail pool into your outdoor refuge also allows you to preserve room for other state-of-the-art features in your outdoor paradise, such as a customized pergola with built-in seating and tropical landscaping, or a cutting-edge outdoor kitchen with stunning quartz or granite countertops. Cocktail pool construction for your Southern California backyard doesn’t require you to sacrifice to accommodate a smaller space but rather adapt the space you have to best meet your needs. 

Cocktail Pools Leave Room for Amenities and Luxurious Upgrades 

While larger styles of swimming pools may be assumed to be the logical choice for showing off intricate design work, that’s not necessarily true. A cocktail pool’s smaller footprint can serve as a showcase for many innovative stylistic choices. The compact size of a cocktail pool opens the door to other design opportunities that may be too complex to achieve on a larger scale.

With cocktail pools, the possibilities are truly endless. For example, you can install a unique L-shaped pool that hugs the corner of your residence or is set against the inside corner of a fence. You can also opt for a design that is long, narrow, and sleek or a rounded shape with natural elements. It’s also easier to add more detailed features to your cocktail pool, like customized pool coping stones. 

Installing a gorgeous cocktail pool in your home that will serve as an entertainment space for guests and loved ones to enjoy for years is no small feat. We know that you want only the most professional, reputable and seasoned pool construction team to take on your project – which is why we at So Cal Pool Plaster are here to meet your unique pool construction and restoration needs. From pool plastering and restoration to luxury pool coping and pool tile options, we offer our clients a plethora of options to customize your Southern California swimming pool to your exact liking. 

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