Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get Pool Tile Repair

With age, swimming pool tiles can crack or come loose from the wall of your pool. This is an inevitable problem that is likely to occur after several years of pool ownership. Although it’s not necessarily caused by any issues other than age, it’s still something that should be repaired right away in order to avoid bigger problems. A broken pool tile or two can seem like a cosmetic issue that’s easy to put off, but neglecting proper pool tile repair can lead to larger structural issues that compromise the safety of your home and its residents. 

Safety hazard while swimming

The jagged edges of cracked pool tiles and the rough plaster they expose can both be major safety hazards for those enjoying the pool. Swimmers can scratch or cut themselves on these rough edges, leading to open wounds and even infections, especially if your chemical balance is not perfectly maintained. Your pool is a place for fun and relaxation, so you don’t want to have to worry about injuries while swimming around. Protect your kids, your friends, and yourself by repairing any damaged pool tiles as soon as they occur. 

Leaking water

The plaster of your pool is what makes it waterproof. Without the plaster coating, water would seep through the pool shell and cause property damage. At the waterline, plaster will develop cracks if it’s left exposed to the air, which is why it’s often covered by pool tiles. However, if these tiles themselves crack or fall off, the exposed area will fail to remain waterproof. Having water seep through these areas and behind the pool wall can, over time, cause bigger issues both for your pool and the surrounding backyard area. Make sure that you replace waterline pool tiles as soon as possible in order to ensure that your pool stays waterproof and tightly sealed.

Structural concerns

Although broken or missing tiles are usually just a cosmetic issue, they can be a sign of larger structural problems that are spreading. Whenever you spot tile trouble, assess the rest of the area to see whether there are any other visible problems. If you’re not confident, call a pool repair professional to assess the damaged area and diagnose any larger problems. Damage to the pool beam, the caulk joint, or the deck can all spread and cause broken tiles over time. 

Luckily, pool tile repair is a fairly quick and simple process that will have you safely back in the water in just a matter of days. It’s also an excellent opportunity to retile your pool completely and transform its design with options like porcelain, glass, and stone. Make your backyard a space of stress-free fun and relaxation once again with pool tile repair services from So Cal Pool Plaster. We’ve been proudly serving the Orange County area for more than 10 years, performing a wide variety of pool repair and restoration projects. Give us a call at (714) 617-8182 today to get a free estimate on your pool tile repair service.