Why Fall Pool Remodeling Just Makes Sense

As the hot summer season comes to an end, chances are you won’t be using your pool as much. But before you pull the covering over your pool, consider remodeling it before the cold winter hits! From Yorba Linda to Irvine and down to Laguna Niguel, the fall season is prime time for pool remodeling. Why?

Comfortable weather makes it easier for the crew

From now until the end of the year, the weather gets colder and rainier. Autumn in Orange County is typically still warm during the day, with a low chance of rain. The warm fall weather allows pool contractors to renovate and refurbish pools on a quick and consistent schedule with minimal delays if any.

The remodeling schedule is flexible and more comfortable to work around

Speaking of which, in case of unexpected delays, starting your pool remodeling in the fall allows you to have room to push back the finish date. That isn’t ideal but rushing to finish a project isn’t any better.

Your pool isn’t in commission anyway

You, your family, and your friends aren’t itching to jump back into the pool anytime soon. While the weather transitions from the summer to the winter you might as well refurbish your pool. Maybe even add a hot tub for the cold winter while you’re at it!

The remodeling project is much more affordable

It’s the off-season for pools, and pool contractors have more flexibility during this time of year. Pool contractors are more likely to offer a competitive rate for your project and give you incredible value.

There’s more time for those with a green thumb

Many homeowners in Yorba Linda and Irvine also have plants, vegetation, and other landscaping in the areas surrounding the pool. During the fall, your garden and landscape have slowed its growth, so remodeling your pool at this time will not disrupt the growing plants!  Additionally, after the project completes, if you want to add to your garden those plants will have plenty of times to grow their roots before the springtime!

The time to refurbish your pool has never been better. Wherever you are in Orange County, give So Cal Pool Plaster a call for a free estimate about your pool remodeling at (714) 312-3898.