Which Time of Year Is the Best Time for Your Pool Restoration

A pool in California offers year-round fun, especially for southern California residents who enjoy constant warm weather. However, pool maintenance is required to keep your home paradise clean and pristine.

Since we enjoy warm weather year-round, deciding when the right time is for pool repair and restoration can be tricky. Pool repair services take time, and the last thing you want is to interrupt your 4th of July barbeque!

Read our guide on the best times of the year for pool restorations before scheduling your service.

Refresh for the spring

Spring is an obvious time for pool repair and restoration. It’s an obvious time for any activity meant to refresh your home and lifestyle. They don’t call it “spring cleaning” for nothing!

Contractors tend to be less busy in the spring than in the summer, so your chances of booking expert pool contractors at a more affordable price are higher. Additionally, the moderate weather makes it more comfortable for workers to be outside during the day.

Winter is a typical time for pool damage to develop. Scheduling pool repair for the spring addresses these issues before they grow more serious.

Pool restoration in the summer

There is one significant benefit of pool renovations in the summer. You get to enjoy your brand-new poolscape immediately! The seamless transition from repairs to canon balls is precisely what some homeowners prefer.

However, there are some major drawbacks. Contractors are in higher demand, meaning potential scheduling challenges and higher price points due to high demand. Your renovation will also take longer; intense heat means workers take more frequent breaks.

Despite these drawbacks, there is something delightful about leaping into a freshly refurbished pool. It’s also a great excuse to host a backyard party!

Autumn Pool Repairs

Fall provides another opportunity for pool repairs in moderate weather. The cooler autumn temperatures are worker-friendly, and the lower demand means scheduling a contractor will be much easier than in the summer. 

Another benefit of fall pool restoration is that it lets you get ahead for the following spring. Instead of worrying about scheduling a contractor or the right pool coping, jump right into your fresh poolscape the moment the flowers bloom.

The time between autumn and spring allows you more time to design the perfect pool refurbishment. Choose the right pool finishes to complement your home aesthetic, then schedule your pool restoration—all before the New Year!

Nothing feels better than being ahead of schedule.

The Right Time for You

There are many variables to consider, but at the end of the day, the right time for pool restorations is the right time for you. You know your schedule best and when pool repairs would be most convenient. 

Whenever you choose, So Cal Pool Plaster will be there to help. Our dedicated experts have over 10 years of experience with pool maintenance and repair, providing transformative services to the homeowners of Southern California. We offer premium pool tile, pool plaster, and other materials to elevate your poolscape.

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