What is Swimming Pool Resurfacing?

Swimming pools are a terrific investment for Orange County residents, offering hours of leisure time or playtime all year long. However, this constant use can wear down the surface of your pool over time. If you’re a resident of Orange and you’re beginning to notice signs of wear and deterioration in your swimming pool, then it’s time to consult a professional about pool resurfacing.

What does pool resurfacing mean?

Swimming pool resurfacing is also known as pool refinishing or pool replastering. It is the process of removing your pool’s old, worn plaster surface and replacing it with new plaster, tile, or pebbling. Over the course of five to 15 years, water and chemicals will gradually erode your pool’s surface material, worsening its aesthetic appearance and even creating a safety hazard. Your pool surface may begin to peel, crack, chip, or erode, causing leaks and introducing harmful bacteria to the water. If you notice any damaged tiles, rough spots, erosion, or staining on your pool’s surface, you should call a pool plastering expert and speak with them about pool resurfacing for your home.

Benefits of pool resurfacing

Pool resurfacing may feel like a home maintenance step that can be continually put off, but failing to resurface your pool could result in safety issues that could permanently ruin your pool or the surrounding property. Pool plastering not only helps you avoid the higher costs of more extensive repairs, but it also extends the overall lifespan of your pool. It also helps keep your family safe and healthy by eliminating any risks associated with pool surface damage. Leaks caused by old plaster could cause harmful bacteria and dirt to leak into the pool water, leaving swimmers seriously ill and making your pool unswimmable until the leak is repaired. It also helps maintain your home’s value by enhancing your swimming pool’s aesthetic value and giving your backyard an upgrade you didn’t know it needed.

The pool resurfacing process

The pool plastering process takes anywhere from five to 14 days. Our pool resurfacing experts begin by draining your pool and turning off any electrical attachments. We then begin removing the old, damaged surface using specialized, professional equipment. After the cleanup from this process, we’ll begin installing whichever plaster, tile, or other surface material you’ve chosen for your pool resurfacing. Our talented craftsmen complete this process in one to three days, depending on the finishes chosen and the size of the pool. Once the finish material is applied and has fully set, we’ll clean up the project area and refill your pool with water. Once it’s been properly treated and is safe to swim in, you can enjoy your newly refinished pool for another decade to come. 

If you want to extend the lifespan of your pool and ensure the health and safety of your family and guests, call So Cal Pool Plaster to enquire about our pool plastering services. We’re Orange County’s pool resurfacing experts, having served residents of Orange and the surrounding area since 2007. With dozens of top-of-the-line finishes to choose from, we can help you achieve the backyard swimming pool of your dreams. Give us a call today at (714) 312-3898 to receive a free quote for your next pool remodel.