Most pools across the country are now closed during the winter holiday season or due to COVID-19 restrictions. Fortunately, with the constant mild and pleasant weather in Southern California, homeowners can still enjoy the leisure of swimming in their pools no matter the season. Like most people, you probably won’t be using your pool as much due to the cold winter temperature. On the other hand, you can use this time as an opportunity to upgrade your swimming pool. Whether you are thinking of starting a pool remodeling project or restoring your pool, here are some ways you can upgrade your swimming pool. 


Need an upgrade on your pool to make it a fun escape from reality? The holiday season is a perfect time to remodel your pool. Having a pool remodeling project done during this time can save you some time and money as well as give you a headstart prior to the warmer seasons. If you are considering a pool remodel project, here are some pool features you can add during your remodeling.

  • Fountain: Fountains can be a great accessory if you want to add elegance to your backyard. Fountains come in different styles, sizes, and finishes, so you can decide whichever type of fountain suits your imagination.  
  • Jacuzzi: Whether used for hydrotherapy or pure relaxation, a jacuzzi is one of the most luxurious to take your pool to take the next level.
  • Swim-up Bar: If your pool is a hotspot for socializing, a swim-up bar is a perfect addition. With its above-water edge and underwater seating, it creates an ideal place to bring you and your loved ones together.
  • Waterfall: If you want to turn your ordinary backyard into your own personal paradise, consider installing a waterfall to your pool. Waterfalls can also be incorporated into your jacuzzi ledge, stone features, fountains, and more.


If you have noticed cracked plasters, water discoloration, or uneven areas in your pool, it is probably time to consider pool restoration, not just for aesthetic purposes, but for your own personal safety as well. With years of usage, your pool will eventually start showing some wear and tear. By restoring your pool, you can recreate the appearance of a new pool to make it look even better than its original with some upgrades.


When you are restoring your pool, you might want to consider replastering your pool and implementing pool coping to enhance aesthetics. Cracked plaster will not only leave stains in your pool, but it will also result in a possible safety hazard for you and your family. Replastering your pool provides a new waterproof layer that is needed to preserve the structural integrity of your pool. You can add to your outdoor spa with a variety of stone coping or even tile options. Wherever your design creativity takes you, your backyard oasis is within reach.

So Cal Pool Plaster provides pool remodeling, restoration, and replastering services to accommodate your pool’s needs. We can perform pool restoration and remodeling to get your pool ready for the holidays, or simply as a welcome escape during the trying times of COVID-19. At So Cal Pool Plaster, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality pool upgrade services. For a consultation with one of our experts, call So Cal Pool Plaster today at (714) 617-8182 and we look forward to improving your pool in the future.