Three Ways to Know That Your Pool Liner Needs Replacing

Over time, your pool liner will need to be replaced along with other parts of your swimming pool. Even the highest quality pool liners aren’t immune to damage and will accrue wear and tear over a few years. A compromised pool liner won’t be able to do its job of forming a solid barrier between the wall of the pool and the water within it. When exactly is the right time to replace your pool liner? Here are three ways to know when your pool liner needs replacing. 

The Liner Keeps Slipping out of the Track

If your pool liner continuously slips out of the track that holds it in place, this could signal the need for replacing it. The likely cause of this issue has to do with the coping of the pool. Your liner could be losing its stretch or is being pulled too tightly. If either is occurring, your pool liner will fall out of the track. Such issues can even cause the coping track to crack as well. If such an event were to occur, you need to consider an entire pool liner replacement.     

The Liner’s Color Has Faded

Color fading with pool liners is often the result of UV light exposure and a lack of protection against it.  A pool liner with fading colors doesn’t automatically need to be completely replaced. However, it could mean that there are issues that pool owners will need to have fixed or that the pool liner is getting toward the end of its lifespan. A surefire sign that you’ll need to replace your pool liner is if its color is fading above the waterline.

There’s Something Wrong with the Skimmer Flanges

If you are thinking about replacing your liner, look toward the skimmer flanges in your pool liner. Issues with your skimmer flanges will often result in wrinkles, rust stains, or bumps beneath the liner. All of these signs hint at a failing flange. This usually occurs with pool liners that are older and closer to the end of their functionality. 

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