Pool Resurfacing vs. Repainting

When it comes to pool renovations, homeowner’s need to be educated in the services available to maintain the longevity of their pools. A frequent question that pool owners ask is, what are the differences between repainting vs. pool resurfacing, and which service should they choose. Luckily, we have the answer to that here at So Cal Pool Plaster.


Painting and resurfacing your pool, also known as plastering, are both durable options that help maintain the integrity of your pool. Paints used for pool repainting, are specially made for all types of underwater use. The finest pool paints are resistant to most chemicals, stains, and abrasions. On the other hand, resurfacing with your pool with plaster adds a half inch layer of protection to your pool, and is more qualified to endure higher levels of distress. Though both methods are capable of withstanding poor water chemistry, temperature changes, and harmful U.V. rays, plaster will be able to handle the distress over a more substantial period.


When it comes down to it, paint and plaster have different lifespans. When properly executed, a fresh layer of pool plaster can last up to 15-20 years. Depending on the type of paint used (epoxy being the highest rated and longest lasting), 5-7 years is the approximate lifespan for a pool paint job.


Pool paint and plaster also differ in their appearance. New paint is shiny and reflective, while plaster has a deeper luster, resembling an eggshell. Based on preference, both applications will come out looking great. However, pool paint won’t have the longevity factor that plaster has. Over time, pool paint may fade and crack, leaving your pool looking uninviting and dull. Also, if not correctly maintained, pool paint can cause your pool water to look murky due to high pH levels, damaged pool filters or chemical imbalances. Being that plaster is made from cement and white marble aggregate, it’s end result structure is hard, yet smooth allowing for higher durability levels and a sleek finish.


When it comes to choosing between repainting or resurfacing your pool, keep in mind which option will benefit the structural integrity of your pool the most. At So Cal Pool Plaster, we ensure all of our pool construction and restoration projects will be completed with the highest quality to ensure long-term durability and customer satisfaction.

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