Pool Features to Add During Your Remodeling

Many families in Southern California are undergoing pool restoration to get ready for the summer months and get the most out of their pool. However, pool remodeling doesn’t have to mean just choosing new pool tiles, coping, and other small details. Completely transform your pool into a beautiful spa oasis or a child’s playtime paradise with eye-catching pool features during your next remodel. 


To add elegance to your backyard and make it as beautiful as it is fun, consider adding a fountain, deck jet, or bubbler to your custom pool. Fountains come in a range of sizes, styles, and finishes, so you can choose one that best suits your home. Whether it’s a Mediterranean-style waterfall fountain or modern, illuminated deck jets, So Cal Pool Plaster can install the fountain the takes your custom inground pool to the next level.


If you want to transform your suburban backyard into a relaxing getaway, consider adding a waterfall feature to your backyard pool. Waterfalls can be incorporated into hot tub ledges, stone features, sculptures, fountains, and waterslides. Choose from authentic-looking artificial stone or natural stone finishes and enjoy the relaxing sound of cascading water while you float in your at-home pool. For a romantic feature or adventurous kid-friendly fun, add a private rock cave hidden behind your waterfall. Underwater seating ledges can make it the perfect escape from reality.


Create the feeling of a waterpark in your backyard with a custom waterslide integrated into your pool. Kids and adults alike can enjoy hours of fun taking exciting trips down your custom waterslide and into your newly remodeled pool. Waterslides can be completely customized to your desires, from short, gentle curves to longer corkscrew turns. Our installers will ensure that all safety guidelines are met, so your family can enjoy endless, worry-free fun this summer.


One of the most popular pool remodeling projects is the addition of a jacuzzi or hot tub. Whether it’s for hydrotherapy or just relaxation, adding a hot tub to your pool restoration project is a great way to increase property value and quality of life. It can be used throughout the summer or to warm up in the winter, and it can be an aesthetically pleasing pool feature in itself. Choose finishes that complement your landscaping and pool coping for a cohesive appearance. 

Swim-up Bar

If your pool is a place for socializing as much as it is for relaxing, then a swim-up bar is the perfect solution. So Cal Pool Plaster can install an above-water ledge and underwater seating to create the ideal gathering place for you and your friends or family. Keep extra cool this summer by sipping an ice-cold drink while taking a relaxing dip in your custom pool. 

Whether you want to add a small fountain feature or a grand waterslide, So Cal Pool Plaster is here to help all your backyard dreams become a reality. We perform pool restoration and remodeling to the highest standard, and we can add any pool enhancement you desire. To speak to a design expert about what features and finishes are available for your home, give us a call at (714) 617-8182. We’d be more than happy to provide you with more information and with a free estimate.