Is Summer the Best time for Pool Remodeling?

Whether it’s because of an intriguing new design or a desire to freshen up your outdoor space, every pool owner will at some point decide to remodel their swimming pool. The pool remodeling process can be lengthy, so picking the right time to get work done on your pool is crucial. 

While it may seem like summer is the perfect time for a pool remodeling project because of how often we use our swimming pool during the season, this isn’t the case. Starting a pool remodeling project in the summer is far from ideal for several reasons.

Hot and Humid Weather

Summer offers the least-friendly working conditions out of all the seasons for pool remodeling. Its hot and humid weather will make working on a pool remodeling project difficult for your pool service team. 

Your pool contractors will have to take more frequent breaks between their work, extending the time it takes to finish your project. A lengthier pool remodeling project will result in you spending more money than intended.

Higher Costs

Remodeling your pool tends to be more costly in the summer than any other time of the year.  Pool remodeling and pool restoration services are in high demand during the summer and swimming pool contractors have their schedules filled to the brim. With so many pool owners trying to schedule an appointment, this usually leads to more expensive overall costs to replaster your pool. 

Some pool contractors also consider summer’s challenging work conditions and charge higher rates for customers to account for the more demanding work. If you decide to remodel your pool this summer, expect to pay a premium.


Remodeling Takes Time

Pool remodeling will take time, especially if you have a larger swimming pool. Starting a pool remodel during the summer likely means that you won’t be able to use it until the following season. Not having access to your pool during the summer is not what anyone wants. 

If you want to be able to enjoy your new pool during the summer, the best time to remodel it is between winter and spring. This will provide more than enough time for you and your pool contractor to create and implement a fantastic design. 


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