How to Remodel Your Pool on a Budget

Swimming pools are a great feature for any Southern California home to have. They add value to your property and offer a fun escape during virtually all times of you. However, they can become dated over the years and their value may lessen, both their value to you and their value to your property listing price. Many homeowners shy away from pool restoration because they fear that it will be an extremely expensive undertaking. However, you don’t have to undergo a total pool restoration to elevate your backyard. If the cost to replaster your pool seems a little too daunting, consider some of these ideas for remodeling your pool on a budget.

LED Lighting

One of the simplest and most affordable ways to amp up your backyard landscaping is to install LED lighting within your pool. LED lights are more energy-efficient and, therefore, cost-effective than floodlights and other types of pool lighting. They can be installed beneath the water level or around the pool deck area, and they can be adjusted to a variety of colors. Whether you’re creating your own personal spa atmosphere or creating ambiance for a backyard party, LED lighting for your pool is a small touch that goes a long way in transforming your swimming pool on a budget.

Standout Water Features

Another budget-friendly option for elevating your swimming pool is adding a water feature. Water features are much more affordable than pool restoration or any kind of major construction, and they’ll add a jaw-dropping architectural feature that is guaranteed to wow guests. Choose from dozens of customizable options including waterfalls, fountains, bubblers, deck jets, and more. Whether you want subtle and sophisticated or awe-inspiring drama, So Cal Pool Plaster can bring any vision to life.


Updated Waterline Tile

If your pool’s finish needs a pick-me-up but you’re worried about the cost to replaster a pool, consider updating your waterline tile as a more budget-friendly alternative. Those with pebble and stone finishes can add new waterline tile to transform the look of their pool for less than $1,000. Pool restoration may be necessary if you have another type of finish, but your pool restoration expert will be able to give you the most cost-effective option for you.

New Pool Coping

If you have a bit more money to spend and want to dramatically change the appearance of your pool, choosing new pool coping is a great solution. Materials like brick can become dated and give your home a more traditional design. If you want an updated and modern pool coping finish, choose an option such as poured concrete, porcelain stone, or extend your pool deck to eliminate the appearance of obvious pool coping altogether. For a more Mediterranean style, we recommend warm-toned natural stone such as travertine.

Regardless of how much you have to spend on your pool remodel, you can elevate your backyard design with simple pool restoration tips like these. Whether you want water features, light fixtures, or a complete redesign, the team at So Cal Pool Plaster can help make your dream a reality within budget. We’ve been Southern California’s most trusted pool restoration experts since 2007, consistently providing 5-star service to all of our local residents. To find out more about the cost to replaster your pool, call So Cal Pool Plaster today at (714) 312-3898. We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate for your next project anywhere in Orange County.