How to Make Your Pool More Energy Efficient & Sustainable

As more people are becoming environmentally conscious, a popular trend that has emerged is the increase in eco-friendly pools. If you’re someone who wants to remodel their pool in a more environmentally friendly manner, there are easy renovation options available that can make it happen. Here’s how you can make your pool more energy-efficient and sustainable.

Automate How Your Pool Works

An easy way to make your swimming pool’s energy usage more efficient is using technology like your phone and automating the process of how your pool works. Using your phone or some kind of remote to control your lights, equipment, and other pool aspects is a more sustainable option because you can easily turn things off when they are not in use. 

Use LED Lights

If your swimming pool uses lights, making the switch to LED lights is a smart and eco-friendly alternative. Not only will LED lights save you about 80% on electricity, but they will also last longer than traditional lights.

Get Maintenance Work Done

Doing regular maintenance work on your pool can help lower energy usage and make it more sustainable. Cleaning your drains and reducing your pool’s temperature when it’s not in use are just some of the activities that you should be doing to ensure that your pool remains operational for a long time. 

Pick a Darker Finish 

If you’re someone that finds themselves having to heat the pool on a regular basis, having a darker finish to your swimming pool could act as a more energy-efficient option that achieves the same result. Darker finishes absorb the sun’s rays and warm the water in your pool. Here at So Cal Pool Plaster, one of our favorite pool finishes is StoneScapes’ mini pebble series. It comes in numerous different colors including darker options that excel at heat absorption.

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