How Much Does it Cost to Replaster Your Pool?

Through continuous use, your pool will start to show the wear and tear that it has endured throughout the summer months. Pools are meant to be enjoyed and taken advantage of, but when signs of discoloration, cracks, stains or jagged areas start to present themselves, it’s time to start thinking about pool replastering.

Cracked surfaces in your pool plaster can increase the risk of injury when using your pool. If not handled promptly, these problems will only escalate and create additional safety hazards. Maintaining a smooth and safe pool surface will benefit any household.

Replastering your pool provides the waterproofing layer that it needs to protect the structural integrity of the pool. So it’s essential to properly maintain your pool in order to keep it the relaxation haven it’s supposed to be, rather than an eyesore in your backyard.

Let’s break it down:

The average pool size is 16 ft. x 33 ft., 4 ft. deep on the shallow end and 8 ft. on the deep end, which is a total of 1,116 square feet.

The average cost to replaster per square foot is around $4.50 – $6.00 which means the estimated total cost is $5,022 – $6,696. Taking steps to resolve plaster issues when they become apparent will save you hundreds of dollars. Investing in the quality of your pool will provide long-term sustainability.

At So Cal Pool Plaster, we pride ourselves in our high-quality plaster repair work. Ensuring that your pool is refurbished and replastered correctly as well as completed in the best quality is our main priority as the top pool contractors in Southern California.

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