Give Your Pool Luxury with These 4 Pool Restoration Features

No matter your swimming pool’s age or its current state, it’s never too late to give your pool a more luxurious look and feel. Thanks to pool remodeling and pool restoration services, homeowners can seamlessly transition their swimming pool’s aesthetic into something more modern and lavish by adding a few simple features. These pool restoration features won’t just make your swimming pool more luxurious but can also enhance its beauty and functionality, ensuring a pleasant swimming experience for all.   

Lounge and Relax with a Waterfall

Waterfalls are a stunning sight, and installing one for your swimming pool will undoubtedly turn heads and captivate onlookers with its breathtaking, elegant visuals. A waterfall’s benefits extend beyond visual appeal, however. Waterfalls also create a more relaxing setting for pool owners with their constant flowing water and the soothing sounds that come from it. Lounging by the pool will never be easier than with the addition of a waterfall. 

Fountains that Exude Luxury 

Fountains are an excellent alternative to waterfalls because of the elegance it adds. Many homeowners opt for fountains, as they come in numerous sizes and configurations, giving pool owners the flexibility to achieve any aesthetic and design they have in mind. From minimalistic fountains with water jets to exorbitant statue fountains that provide a resort-like experience, you’re sure to find a fountain suitable for your pool restoration project.   

Enjoy a Round of Drinks with a Swim-Up Bar

Add a swim-up bar to transform your pool area into a luxurious entertainment space that all adults can enjoy. A swim-up bar allows you to combine two fun social activities – swimming and drinking – to ensure an unforgettable pool experience. 

With a swim-up bar, you and your guests can enjoy a relaxing swim while sipping on your favorite cocktail without ever having to leave the comforts of your swimming pool. We guarantee that installing a swim-up bar during your pool construction will turn your swimming pool into the preferred hangout destination amongst your friends and family. 

LED Lights Offer Safety and Luxury

LED lights are an affordable, efficient source of lighting that will also add a sense of luxury to your swimming pool with its unique and stunning visuals. Having vibrant colors light up your pool can turn an ordinary experience into something much more memorable. By installing LED lights, you’ll also be able to swim safely at any hour of the day, including at night. 

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