Choosing the Best Pool Finish for Your Home

If you’re installing or repairing a pool in your Southern California home, you’ll have to make numerous decisions regarding both structure and design. One of the most crucial elements that you must make a decision on is the pool finish. The pool finish is one of the most important aspects of your pool and will make one of the biggest differences in its final appearance. From plaster to tile and from pebbles to quartz, choosing the finish that’s right for your lifestyle will ensure that you enjoy your pool to the fullest for years to come. 


Plaster is one of the most common and most affordable pool finishes. It’s a mixture of cement and sand that adds a watertight seal to your pool’s shell. It most often comes in white and gray, but it can be tinted other colors if desired. White pool plaster results in a pool that looks bright and clean, with the white finish resulting in an inviting light blue tint to the water. Pool plaster is a durable finish that lasts between five and ten years before it needs replastering. It can handle high chemical usage, but it is susceptible to stains and requires more care than many other types of finishes.


Pool tile is a versatile finishing option that allows for a more customized appearance. Tile comes in a variety of materials including porcelain, glass, or stone. There is a virtually endless range of colors and patterns available with tile finishing, which makes it a popular option. With tile, you can add a unique appearance, texture, and style to your pool that can be perfectly matched to your home’s aesthetic.


Pebble pool finishing is composed of small pebbles and stones mixed with specially formulated cement for a natural-looking pool. Pebble finishes come in a range of different colors, so you have more customization options than a plaster finish. However, the texture of pebble pools is rougher, so sensitive feet and automatic pool cleaners may find pebble finishing to be a challenge. Pebble is more expensive than plaster, but is also far more durable. It lasts between fifteen and twenty years, and it’s highly stain-resistant.


Quartzite is a high-end pool finish that prioritizes appearance and luxury. It’s made of crushed quartz, white cement, and pigment. Quartz will give your pool a beautiful, long-lasting color that can emphasize the blue of your pool water. It refracts and reflects sunlight, giving your pool a shimmering appearance. It’s an easy-to-clean finish that provides a silky smooth surface for swimmers to enjoy walking on.

With more than 20 pool finishing options to choose from, So Cal Pool Plaster has styles to suit every home. Allow us to transform the look of your backyard through unique pool finishings and pool replastering options. We are proud to serve all of Southern California, and we always strive to give our customers the best experience possible. To find out more about what we provide and receive a free pool repair or replastering estimate, give us a call today at (714) 617-8182.