Benefits of Pebbling for Your Pool Resurfacing

When it comes to choosing the right pool resurfacing option, a great deal of planning and material selection goes into any pool owners final decision. With so many different finishes available, it’s hard to decide which finish is the right fit for your pool. That’s why we, So Cal Pool Plaster, decided to give you an in-depth review on the benefits of one of the finishes we provide, Pebbling.


Our Mini Pebble series for pebble pool resurfacing features ten beautiful color varieties that will enhance any pool’s aesthetic and presence. From vibrant teals to dark hues of blue, our StoneScapes will allow any pool owner to express their style and taste. Pebble pool surfaces allow you to create a natural oasis by combining a spectrum of color and design options. Whether you want to emulate the look of a riverbed or mountain stream, our pebble series can be used to create an immaculate aesthetic. The luxury of pebble finishes is unmatched and will take your backyard pool experience to the next level!


Because of its composition and texture, pool pebbles have one of the highest durability levels of any resurfacing options as they tend to react less to pool chemicals. As an aggregate pool finish, our mini pebble series adds resilience to its aesthetic qualities. In comparison to plaster alone, pebbles are more resilient to etching, staining, and fading. A micro pebble pool finish provides a sleek look and smooth surface feel by incorporating the smallest pebble size possible.


A micro pebble pool finish is known to have a lifespan of about 20 years! Traditional pool plaster finishes need to be replaced every eight to ten years because of it’s porous composition and higher susceptibility to cracking. With a pebble pool finish, your pool will have the upper hand in maintaining the integrity of its interior surface for a much longer period.

Low maintenance

If you’re looking for a pool resurfacing option that is low maintenance, a pebble pool surface is a great option. Since pebble finishes are non-porous, they are more resilient to stains and require less cleaning and maintenance than a plaster surface. Make sure you maintain proper water chemistry and use a nylon pool brush to remove any debris.  In the long run, a pebble finish will save you money and time!

At So Cal Pool Plaster, we provide our customers with the highest quality StoneScapes options to use for their interior pool surface, as well as a 10-year manufacturer warranty. With a wide range of distinct color combinations that will suit any preference, not only will your pool look beautiful for years to come, but it will also set the standard in the new generation of pool surface technology! We make sure that all of our pool construction and restoration projects are completed with the highest quality to ensure long-term durability and customer satisfaction. We are here to make your backyard oasis dreams come true!

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